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7 Best Android Emulators to Play Mobile Games from PC or Laptop

Playing online games on mobile phones has become commonplace these days. You can play anytime and anywhere, as long as the connection is stable, the quota is secure, and the battery still lasts a long time. However, for gamers hardline playing for hours on the phone is not comfortable for a long time.

There are only distractions that often appear while playing. Suddenly there are messages or calls coming in, connections that go up and down, until the battery runs out quickly. To get around this, many game fans install android emulator on a PC or laptop.

The main purpose of installing an emulator is to be able to play online games to your heart’s content with a bigger screen display and easier control. So, what is an emulator? Anything best android emulators to play mobile games on a PC or laptop? Let’s look at the following short review!

What is an Android Emulator?

what is an android emulator

The emulator works by imitating the internal design of another system. When a PC or laptop wants to operate a program from a different system, the emulator is present as a supporting program. With an emulator, you can run other programs on a PC or laptop just like on the system from which the program originated.

However, the emulator’s main problem lies in the program’s inability to emulate the full system. Some of the obstacles that often arise include: framerate slow, out of sync between sound and motion, weird video effects, muted sound, and joystick or drive problems.

However, technological advances are able to create various Android PC emulators that you can choose according to your needs. In fact, some of them are able to run online games like Mobile Legends smoothly and almost without any problems lag.

If you are still in doubt, why do you need to use it? android emulator to play mobile games on a PC or laptop, this list of reasons can convince you.

  1. Android applications can be run on various operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, and macOS.
  2. Playing on a bigger screen allows you to better control the game, thereby minimizing unnecessary mistakes.
  3. Maintain the battery life of the phone because it doesn’t play all day on the phone which causes the battery to drain and the phone to heat up.
  4. Makes the life of the cellphone last longer because you “move” Android games to a PC/laptop so that the phone’s power is not pushed out all the way.
  5. Makes it easier to store many games and applications, something that is impossible on mobile because of limited memory capacity.
  6. No need to have a cell phone high end to play online games to your heart’s content.
  7. PC/laptop performance is clearly far above the latest mobile phones especially for the most expensive gaming.
  8. Some emulators offer features so you can operate several applications at once.

List of 7 Best Android PC Emulators

list of 7 best android pc emulators

Look for lightweight android emulator so the right solution so that the life of the cellphone is longer. You can also enjoy an impressive gaming experience. Of the many emulators, here are android emulator best recommended UniPin.

1. Leapdroid

Leapdroid can be considered as one of the lightest android emulator. If you are a Windows user, you can install it for free.

The ease of customizing the controller is the advantage of this emulator. Only requires 250MB of memory, Leapdroid has been released up to version 11.0.0.

2. Droid4x

Find a supported emulator touch screen? Droid4x is suitable for laptops that have features touch screen. Various support add-ons others also make it easier to control games on a computer using a cell phone.

This emulator also adds a screen recorder feature to make it easier for you to save game recordings. Don’t forget to set the keyboard or gamepad configuration with Droid4x to make it easier to control the game.

3. MEmu Play

This emulator is quite diligent in making the latest version of the application. Already released up to version 7.1.6 with a size of 341 MB, MEmu Play can work on Windows from WinXP SP3, Win7, Win8, Win8.1, to Win10.

MEmu offers access root and equipped sidebar with various additional features and functions. There are advanced settings that you can adjust to make your game smoother and hassle-free. If you run into trouble, MEmu has a dedicated forum to discuss any operating problems.

4. Nox App Player

For fans of Mobile Legends, Nox App Player is the most popular emulator. Why should you try this emulator? Nox has excellent features, which are many interesting features.

The multi simulator feature allows you to open different games and applications in each emulator. Automatically, you can use multiple accounts. Joystick support and other additional consoles are also a plus for the Nox App.

5. KoPlayer

Can be installed on Mac or Windows, the advantage of KoPlayer lies in the ease of installing applications. Process install applications that have beendownload you can practice by drag and drop. All thanks to a simple interface and easy to operate.

In addition, you can choose to activate the Speed ​​feature to maximize emulator performance or Compatibility as the safest step. KoPlayer too already support Google Play Store services. You can too install other applications such as Android phones.

6. YouWave

This also belongs to lightest android emulator you know. The advantage of installing YouWave is that you don’t need to provide a PC or laptop with large or super-sophisticated specifications.

For this reason, this emulator releases two versions, namely version 4.0.4 (free) and version 5.1.1 (paid). You could say, YouWave is suitable if you want to operate light applications.

7. Bluestacks 4

Well, this emulator is also a favorite among Mobile Legends fans. The main advantages of Bluestacks 4 are stability and excellent performance. When you download Bluestacks 4, you can choose offline installer or online installers.

Can be used on both Windows and Mac, you can enjoy a variety of interesting features. One of my favorites is multiple instances. Armed with these features, you can play several games at once or access the same game with different accounts at one time.

You already pocketed the list of seven android emulator best for playing online games on PC or laptop. From this list, which emulator is your choice? If you have any recommendations pc android emulator other, share here come on!

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