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7 Best Android Empire Building Games in 2022

Among all popular Android game genres, empire building themed games are quite in demand by most of the players. Basically, the younger generations love to play this game because they can play it in multiplayer mode and fight together.

The basic rule is to build an empire, protect or even build a clan with your friends and fight together to protect it. However, if you have never tried the game, you are welcome to take a look at the best in the list below.

1. Last Empire – War Z: Strategy

We chose Last Empire as the first recommendation, and it is one of the best strategy games where your only mission is to protect the empire you have built.

But, guess who the enemy is! Not humans, but undead aka zombies. Honestly, this is a completely different type of empire building and protecting game because you have to fight zombies to save people. And you know that the fight will not be easy because your enemies are all dead.

2. Clash of Clans

The title of this one must be familiar among mobile gamers. Yes, Clash of Clans is one of the most popular online strategy battle royale and city building games on Android.

You can easily play it on any Android smartphone or tablet without any problems. Interestingly, players can join or build their own clan and fight with large alliances in event wars.

Although not as popular as it used to be, this game regularly holds events and campaigns. The event that is held provides many prizes and in-game experience that you can get to upgrade the Town Hall.

3. Empire: Four Kingdoms

Empire: Four Kingdoms, developed by Goodgame Studios, is by far one of the best empire building games for Android.

In this game you will play as a warrior king and businessman in the game world. All the choices are yours, and you must follow the best strategy to dominate the kingdom.

So grow from a novice to a mighty king with epic gear, powerful forts and battle weapons. In addition, the game is played by a very large community of players, making it one of the biggest MMORPG strategy games.

4. Forge of Empires: Build your City

Forge of Empire by developer InnoGames GmbH, is a strategy game that is highly recommended for Android-based gamers.

Games can be played for free by anyone. Unfortunately, maybe when playing this game you will see some ads in the interface, which in our opinion is quite disturbing while playing.

In addition, for those of you who want to buy some in-game items or premium features, and for that the in-app purchase facility is being integrated. This game will make you feel like a real emperor who builds and organizes cities however you like.

5. Townsmen

How about you make this city the product of your imagination, like coming from a humble backwater into a medieval metropolis? Of course, you will have a thriving economy and happy villagers to keep your town upbeat and happy with Townsmen.

Initially, your task is to find a mining site, harvest crops, and collect taxes. Although, you will face many enemies lurking near the peaceful city. And as the founder, you have to set up a barracks and recruit brave soldiers to defend the citizens.

6. Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire

Rise of Empires isn’t just about ruling cities, it’s also about building staff to earn points. The game is steeped in Nation’s real-time warfare and medieval strategy where you have to take the lead.

The game starts with a small town which is destroyed by an Eastern Dynasty attack and the death of the Harbingers. Apparently, they will control the power of the ancient dragons. And here, you have to build an empire and recruit heroes in endless wars.

7. Clash of Empires

Clash of Empire is a game for people who like to build and fight together. That’s because the game will give you a second sensation in you. You have to build your own empire and then protect it from enemies.

The story of the game takes place in the medieval period where your task is to build your own empire and defend it from enemies. Similarly, you will attack other players around the world to steal resources.

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