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6 Interesting Facts of GTA V Gamers Rarely Know!

GTA V or Grand Theft Auto 5 is an open world action and adventure game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games in 2022. Until now, GTA V is still one of the most popular games in the world.

well, behind its popularity, there are some interesting facts about GTA V that are rarely known by gamers, from the map to the gangs in the game. Curious? Let’s just discuss it below!

1. Map

GTA V is located in Los Santos, which is a replica city of Los Angeles, California. The area of ​​Los Santos itself is also 2 times larger than the city of Manhattan.

Interestingly, you can explore the entire city without having to complete any missions.

2. Gangs in GTA V

The voices of characters in the GTA V Gang are known to be recorded directly by Rockstar from Original Gang Members in the United States, Rockstar’s totality in developing the game deserves a thumbs up.

3. Character

The characters in GTA V such as Franklin, Trevor and Michael also have the original physical, even the voice is also the same as in the game.

4. Cover Women Bikini

A few years ago, Rockstar Games was sued by an American female actress named Lindsey Lohan about women in bikinis on the loading screen.

However, upon further exploration, the model on the loading screen is named Shelby Welinder.

5. Diverse Mods

GTA V also has so many and varied Mods just like other Grand Theft Auto series, these Mods are made by Fans and the community.

One example is that you can play using superhero characters like Hulk, Thanos, Iron Man, and many others.

6. The voices of CJ and Franklin are real brothers

The protagonists of CJ in GTA San Andreas and Franklin in GTA V, apparently in real life, the voice actors of the two different characters have a sibling relationship. Because Rapper Young Maylay (who voices CJ) is a cousin of Shawn Fonteno (voiced by Franklin).


So, those were some GTA V facts that gamers rarely know. What do you think, GameZeRO friends, interesting isn’t it?

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