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5,000+ Damage! This is the Painful Julian Build in Mobile Legends

One of the strongest Fighter heroes currently in META is Julian. This one hero is able to give such strong Magic Damage to his opponents. He has such great skills, in fact, he can easily finish off the opponent's Marksman hero in one combo.

To maximize the skills possessed by Julian, of course, you need to know the right build item for this hero. Well, it's perfect for those of you who are looking for the sickest Julian build in Mobile Legends, we want to tell you this is the sickest build for this Fighter hero. So, just read this article to the end!

Recommendations for the Painful Juliat Build in Mobile Legends

The picture above is the recommendation for the strongest Julian build-in Mobile Legends that you can apply in the game. If you don't know the function of each of the items above, here is a little explanation.

1. Arcane Boots

The first item you have to buy to make Julian's build hurt is Arcane Boots. As explained earlier, Julian is a Fighter hero who uses Magic Damage as his attack.

Well, Arcane Boots besides increasing Julian's Movement Speed, also provides additional Magic Penetration which is useful for penetrating the opponent's Magical Defense. So Julian's attack will be very painful.

2. Genius Wand

The next item you have to buy to complete the strongest Julian build in Mobile Legends is the Genius Wand. This item will increase Magic Power and provide additional Movement Speed ​​to Julian.

The advantage of this item is the Magical Penetration which is high enough to penetrate the opponent's Magic Defense. Coupled with the passive form Arcane Boots, of course, this item will make Julian dominate at the beginning of the game.

3. Feather of Heaven

Feather of Heaven is the next item that you must buy when using Julian. This item has attributes to increase Magic Power, Attack Speed, and Cooldown Reduction from hero Julian.

Moreover, this item also has a unique passive ability where the Basic Attack from Julian will give additional Magic Damage to the opponent.

4. Shadow Twin blades

The next item that must be purchased by Julian is Shadow Twin blades. This item will increase the Magic Power, Magical Lifesteal, and Movement Speed ​​of Julian. Of course, Julian's attacks will be even more deadly when using this item.

This item also has a passive ability where if Julian does not give or receive damage from the opponent within 5 seconds, then the next Basic Attack will deal additional Magic Damage and cause a Slow effect to the opponent.

5. Divine Sword

Next, there is the Divine Glaive item which is famous for destroying the opponent's Tank hero. This Magic item has the ability to increase the Magic Power and Magic Penetration of the hero who uses it.

What makes this item even more deadly lies in its passive which will increase Magic Penetration based on the amount of Magic Defense owned by the opponent. That way, Julian's attacks will be even more deadly.

6. Winter Truncheon

The last item you can use to complete Julian's build-in Mobile Legends is Winter Truncheon. This item has a passive ability called Freeze where when you activate it, Julian will freeze and be immune to any damage or effects.

Actually, you can also replace this last item with Immortality so that Julian can last longer when there is a war or team fight.

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