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5 Ways to Counter Silvana in Mobile Legends, Fighting Fighters in Ranked Match!

Since the previous patch update that fixed the animation of his ultimate skill. Silvanna is one of the most frequently taken fighter offlaners in ranked matches. This is because of its ability to scoop up enemies, hold back a team so that it can’t run away from enemy pursuit, as well as bugs that exist due to Flameshot and its ultimate.

The combination of these makes the fighter hero become one of the most respected heroes in one game. In addition, because Silvanna is a relatively new hero, there are still many people who don’t know how to counter the hero. Therefore, the following gamebrott will provide several ways to counter the hero. Read on for our article.

1. Timing

Countering Silvanna is actually quite easy, what we need to pay attention to here is when the skill 2 used has been completed. That’s the time to deal damage to the fighter. Skill 2 itself has a fairly fast CD, but because this skill is the main damage skill it has, when the hero doesn’t have that skill, it’s useless.

2. Stupid

In addition to timing, the thing that needs to be considered is the ultimate. But please note that the effect of the ultimate will only take effect in the specified area, and that area will only last for a few seconds. Generally, silvanna users will use a combination of the ultimate skill and skill 2 directly.

So, if you can mess up skill 2 by using CC. Silvanna will lose the damage she deals in that instant. So don’t be afraid and panic when you’re at ulti silvanna. Immediately give CC (Stun) to the hero so that you can survive the ultimate.

3. Drag Hero

If the enemy player uses silvanna, one of the true Counters for that hero are heroes who can attract enemies such as Franco, Minshitar, and Kaja. This is because the ultimate possessed by the hero is only useful in the specified area. So, when the 3 heroes use their skills and pull Silvanna from the area she created. Additional effects such as Magic lifesteal and attack speed bonuses given in the area will be useless. In addition, especially for Franco and Kaja, players can use these 2 heroes to hold Silvana by using your ultimate. So Silvanna can’t move in an area of ​​her own making.

4. Necklace of Durance and Deadly Blade

Besides damage, the most annoying thing about the hero is his ability to heal when using his ultimate. By using a Necklace of Durance or Deadly blade, his heal will be reduced by half. So if you fight Silvanna, use this item to kill her in the early game.

5. Keep your distance and pay attention to your position

If you can’t use the 4 methods above to counter Silvanna, you can use the following method. Remember that an offlaner’s job is to keep the lane he has while farming. Here you don’t need to kill Silvanna, you only need to clean the minions, and clear the lane. Don’t be lustful and pay attention to your position from the illicit hero. Wait for the opportunity when your friends do the gang and kill the hero.

Hopefully the tips that we provide can be useful for you to use to counter Silvanna in ranked matches. Do you have any other tips for countering the hero? And if you have any questions, please ask them in the comments. Author riza Kurniawan

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