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5 Tips for Attacking Sneaking Opponents Like Pro Player Free Fire

One strategy that is often used by Free Fire players is to drink. Usually, the opponent is done by players who are doing push rank. Why do you have to play opponents when push rank? Because for those of you who are doing push rank, points are very important.

So instead of having to play in bars, players prefer to hide somewhere. Well, to deal with lazy players, the thing you have to do is rush.

But rush itself cannot be done haphazardly. So, so that you don't make a wrong move, you can apply the tips for rushing your opponent who is stuck in the style of a Pro Player, which we will summarize in this article.

Rush Opponents Who Squeeze Using the Following Series of Tips

To rush, of course, you need the best characters in Free Fire. So if you don't have it yet, you can top up the Free Fire diamond first!

In addition to using the best characters, you can also follow some tips for rushing in the following Free Fire.

1. Make sure you are ready for battle

The first tip before rushing to a lazy opponent is to pay attention that you are ready to do battle. Starting from the strongest weapon you use, preparing the Med Kit, and so on.

Of course, it aims to make you much more ready to attack than the opponent you will attack. Never force a battle if you or your teammates are really not ready.

2. Make the Enemy Panic

The next tip that you have to do when rushing toward your opponent is to make the enemy panic. The method? This can be done by moving around the building or area that you are going to attack.

Enemies who heard many steps near them would surely panic and make a move. Well, when the enemy makes this movement you can hear and know the enemy's position.

That way, it will be easy for you and your team to find hidden enemies. So before attacking, make sure to make the enemy panic first, okay?

3. Cook the Grenades First

In addition to making your opponent panic, if you have a grenade, you can also cook the grenade before carrying out an attack.

The goal is that the grenade that will be thrown can explode on time. So enemy will be difficult to avoid the grenade explosion.

Well, you can take advantage of the ability of one of the best pets for playing bars, namely Beaston which can increase your grenade throwing distance.

4. Throw Smoke Before Rush

Another tip that you must apply when doing a Rush is to throw Smoke or smoke bombs first.

By throwing Smoke or smoke bombs before attacking, the enemy will find it difficult to detect the position you are about to attack, so you can kill opponents who are fooled by the Smoke easily.

5. Directly Crash towards the Enemy

The next tip to rush toward the enemy is to directly hit them.

So after you know the enemy's position in an area or building, you can immediately hit the area and shower them with bullets from the sickest weapon you use.

Well, those are some tips for rushing your opponent who's crawling in the style of Pro Player Free Fire that you can apply in the game.

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