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5 Recommended Challenging Android Card Games to play

5 Recommended Challenging Android Card Games to play, Games have always been one of the many choices that can be entertainment for the players. Playing games can prevent a player from feeling stressed which is bad for mental and physical health.

Talking about games, of course, there will always be two opposing sides, whether it can have a positive impact on the player or vice versa, a gamer will become an aggressive person just because he plays the game.

Because of this impact, it is recommended for gamers to play games that are useful for themselves, one of which is by playing card games, card games are strategy games that can spur speed in thinking and sharpen the brain.

5 Recommended Challenging Android Card Games to play

Playing card games yourself, you can say there is no negative impact as long as the card game being played does not contain elements of gambling such as domino games and so on, in this recommendation GameZero will provide a list of card games that do not have gambling elements so that they are suitable to be played to fill your spare time.

  1. HeartStone
HeartStone Android

You feel smart in strategy games?, try the HeartStone game where your intelligence will really be tested in this game. HeartStone itself is a game that is quite popular in the world, the gameplay of this game is simple, namely pitting your cards against your opponent’s cards until you win the match.

2. Clash Royale

Clash Royale

Who is not familiar with this legendary game, Clash Royale is a game from the Supercell company which also produces Clash Of Clans. Clash Royale is a card fighting game featuring an auto battler for every battle between cards, you can develop the best strategy in a combat deck to win the match.

3. Line Let’s Get Rich

Line Let’s Get Rich

Who misses the monopoly game?, this game used to be one of the games that was so loved by the 90s generation, although nowadays it is rare to find this monopoly game, but this game still exists today on Android / IOS devices.

4. Yugi Oh Duel Links

Yugi Oh Duel Links

Yugi Oh Duel Links is a card game adapted from the previous anime, Yugi Oh. This game made by Konami is a card fighting game that has good graphics and features various characters from the Yugi Oh anime series.

5. MonsterCry Eternal

Monster Cry Eternal

MonsterCry Editor is a very fun RPG card game to play. This game made by Nyou Inc itself has become the editor’s choice of card game on the Play Store, with this predicate of course this game is very – very worth playing.

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