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5 Recommendations for the Strongest Magic Chess Synergy, Let's Try it!

originally para gamer thought Magic Chess only came in mode Arcade Mobile Legend just a few days. However, Moonton’s decision to make games genre auto battler This permanently gets a good response from its lovers.

This makes Moonton continue to improve various aspects of the game, including buff nor nerf magic Chess synergy, until the hero and the items in it. So, all players can feel the same playing experience.

Curious what kind of group combo The synergy that will make you the king of this game? Check out the full review here.

Updates Magic Chess Season 4

magic chess line up

Before we get to the discussion of the strongest Magic Chess formation, it’s a good idea to also learn what are the newest features in Magic Chess season 4. Updates v133.1 is recorded to be released in April 2022. Make sure games what you have has been updated to this version yes.

In this 4th season Moonton spoils gamer with a series of changes and mechanisms that you can taste directly when playing mode Arcade Mobile Legends. From the eye view, updates most evident in the category Nerf and Buff.

You can find a row of new synergies that have not appeared in the last season. However, Magic Chess Season 4: Blazing Hammer is updated with a new mechanism, namely blessing. Like it or not, players must be able to quickly adjust in order to enjoy the game.

Anything the hell the new synergies? No need to bother exploring yourself, here’s an alternative summary combo synergy and faction strongest that you can use as a guide.

1. Buff

There are seven buff new ones that can help you activate synergies according to the heroes you have. The synergies are Wrestler, Support, Wyrmslayer Warrior, Weapon Master, Mech Era, Los Pecados, and Lightborn.

2. Nerf

There are five nerf The new ones that you empower are Cadia Riverlands Synergy, Astro Power synergy, Little Commander Remy, Little Commander Buss, and Little Commander Bersi. Then, there commander new name is Saki.

Recommended Strongest Magic Chess Synergy

strongest magic chess synergy

The number one tip you need to remember before you wake up line up Magic Chess is grab combo synergy and faction in accordance blessing that you get. For example, you have blessing Saber who incidentally is a Swordman and Astro Power hero. You’d better use combo that aligns with the Swordman or Wyrmslayer.

However, if you need a blending guide combo synergy, here’s the list Magic Chess synergy strongest you can try.

1. Mech Era + Archer + Swordman

Combo This synergy is most popular you know among Magic Chess fans. The reason is, you can empower the great potential of 2 Mech Era heroes and Swordman, namely Saber and Hayabusa.

By activating the Mech Era, Saber and Hayabusa were able to recover their Mana quickly so they could vomit frequently. skills. As you know, skills both have been tested to destroy the opponent.

For active synergy you need 6 Mech Eras to reduce your opponent’s Mana and restore your Mana. Then, there are 4 Swordsmen that must be prepared in order to create Physical Damage on the opponent. Besides Basic Attack from Mech Era, you can use Archer to obtain Attack Speed the one that can stack up to 88 times in 60 seconds.

2. Swordman + Elementalist + Wyrmslayer Warrior

Synergy combo it’s a bit like Swordman and Mech Era. The focus is both on restoring Mana so that the hero can be released skills more often. The biggest difference is in the Elementalist synergy that can restore Mana on all heroes.

For that, you need 4 Swordsmen to create Physical Damage on the opponent. Then, you can add attacks armed with 4 Wyrmslayer Warrior heroes. There are also 4 Elementalists who ensure all heroes have an extra 10 Mana every second.

3. Los Pecados + Northern Vale + Weapon Master + Abyss

Looking for a synergy that has a strong attack with a fairly capable defense? Combo Magic Chess synergy you must try this. All thanks to the Weapon Master’s transforming synergy damage so HP.

The average hero used in this strongest synergy has an attack Physical. When mated with an Abyss that can degrade Physical Defense enemy, obviously you will benefit.

The presence of Northern Vale makes heroes like Franco immediately able to catch enemy heroes in the rear position, which is usually filled with Mage or Marksman. For that, you need 6 Weapon Masters that can recover HP from damage released and 4 Abyss which helps lower the resistance of the opponent’s hero.

Then, there are 2 Los Pecados that give you a chance to get one to three gold after killing the enemy hero. Plus, 3 Northern Vales which ensure all these heroes have full Mana.

4. Marksman + Celestial

When you realize your opponent is using combo Elf – Guardian, the synergy of Marksman and Celestial is clearly the most appropriate Magic Chess formation to block the opponent’s movement. Oh yeah, this synergy was once a meta you know in the middle of 2022.

Marksman is usually used to add Crit Rate. Meanwhile, Celestials played a role in increasing Attack Speed so it can benefit you. Even though this synergy looks simple when compared to other complex synergies, about the pain no need to be doubted. For the best formation, you can rely on 6 Marksman and 4 Celestial.

5. Weapon Master + Support + Abyss

Do you know what combo which players have been the most active lately? The answer is the synergy of Weapon Master, Support, and Abyss. Para gamer believe in the effectiveness of this synergy because it is proven to have a super strong defense.

Weapon Master’s hero skills can definitely make the enemy confused so that it is difficult for them to lower your team’s HP. Plus, damage from combo the result clearly cannot be underestimated. No wonder this synergy is quite popular, especially if you prepare it in the strongest formation, namely 6 Weapon Masters, 1 Support, and 2 Abyss.

How? Already getting dizzy reading recommendations Magic Chess synergy on? This is just a small part you know because you can ulik yourself until you find some concoction combo your version of the best synergy. You need to remember, there is no one combo synergy that can defeat the opponent easily.

So, it’s just a matter of being smart, you set a strategy to build synergy combo according to the hero you get. Need top up fast Diamond Mobile Legend? Just open UniPin and top up Your diamonds now!

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