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5 Offline Ball Games 2022

Offline Ball Games

Offline Ball Games – Everywhere football games are the most popular games of all games ever played, and mobile phones are no exception.

Currently offline soccer games on Android devices are increasingly being played because they are of high quality.

This offline soccer game can be played alone so you don’t need an opponent and an internet connection.

Compared to playing soccer games online, it will drain your quota and a smooth internet network.

As a football game fan, you shouldn’t miss playing this offline soccer game.

In this article, we will recommend some offline soccer games that you can play. So, stay tuned for this review until the end.

Offline Ball Games

1. List of Offline Ball Games, namely PES

Offline Ball Games
List of Offline Ball Games, namely PES
PES or eFootball PES is one of the offline ball games that has been widely played because of the good game quality.

There are several advantages of this one game, one of which lies in the very interesting gameplay and realistic graphics quality.

In addition, with simple game controls and it doesn’t take long to master the game.

This game also provides creative manual tactical customization so you are guaranteed to master ball strategy.

The number of players in the PES game itself is quite large, besides that you can also play your own expedition.

Download PES Football Game Application.

2. List of Offline Ball Games, namely FIFA Soccer

Offline Ball Games
List of Offline Football Games, namely FIFA Soccer
Another popular offline soccer game besides PES is FIFA, which is a list of soccer games for Android that you must try.

The popularity of this FIFA game is now not centered in Europe and North America but has spread to all corners of the world.

One of the things that makes this FIFA offline ball game widely played is because of the large number of teams that can be played.

You need to know, that almost all teams are officially licensed so they are very popular and with Ultimate Team mode.

This game appears with graphics that are calmer and more attractive than the previous game.

Download FIFA Soccer Game Application.

3. List of Football Manager Offline Football Games

Offline Ball Games
List of Offline Football Manager Football Games
The Mobile Edition of the best soccer manager series of all time has gameplay and mechanics that are not much different from the PC edition.

You can play with teams from leagues in the real world and lead them to become a legendary team that can win various championship trophies.

In addition, data from players and technical aspects such as scouts, physical coaches and transfer agents are very much for you to choose from.

You can become the world’s best coach by playing this Football Manager offline ball game.

Download the Football Manager Game Application.

4. List of Offline Ball Games, namely Dream League Soccer

Offline Ball Games
List of Offline Ball Games, namely Dream League Soccer
If you are not interested in the offline ball game above, maybe you are interested in this one game, Dream Soccer League.
This Android offline soccer game is also popular because of the realistic and interesting way to play soccer.

In this game you can become a manager and a player from a team that you create yourself, you can also recruit reliable players to be your team.

Download the Dream League Soccer Game Application.

5. List of Offline Ball Games, namely Flick Kick Football Legends

Offline Ball Games
List of Offline Ball Games, namely Flick Kick Football Legends
This offline ball game with a creative classic style called Flick kick Football Legend is guaranteed you won’t get bored playing it.

This one game is not a soccer game that features soccer game gameplay in general.

However, you can enjoy the role of a manager or a football player with a unique style.

With a graphic display like cartoon animation so it will be more comfortable when playing this game.

Download the Flick Kick Football Legends Game Application.

The final word

That’s the entire list of soccer games that you can play offline that we can recommend to you.

As a football fan, you can now play soccer games with high quality without draining your quota.

Therefore, immediately download the offline soccer game above according to your wishes so that you can play the game to your heart’s content.

This is the information we can share with you about ball game offline in this article. Hopefully useful and good luck.

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