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5 Most Sick Magic Chess Combos You Must Try

Who is having fun playing Magic Chess on Mobile Legend? If you are one of them, sign up Combo Magic Chess the sickest so one of the important information that must be known. Various combo This can increase your chances of winning and conquering all opponents.

Instead of busy looking here and there, let’s see the full explanation below.

Why Need Combo Magic Chess?

strongest magic chess combo

As known, games genre auto battler This brings players to focus on the combination of heroes they have. Armed with the existing heroes, you have to strategize carefully in order to be able to read movements, attack, and paralyze your opponent.

Remember, the winner of the match is he who is able to survive until the end of the round. Similar to a game of chess, you really have to be good at concocting strategies, including mating combo of each hero.

That’s why you should really take advantage of the existing synergy features. With this feature you can create effects combo according to your play style and hero character to lead you to the door of victory.

The key principle that needs to be held is the existence of heroes with similarities faction and roles. It is recommended that you first collect some of the heroes needed according to the strategy for playing in the game decks. As an alternative, you can check the hero recommendations marked with a thumbs up on the menu Shop. Who knows, something that fits your play style.

List Combo Magic Chess Hurts

magic chess combo hurts

Well, on updates which was done late last year, Moonton added patches Blessing. The success of a combo depends on patches the. For some players this poses certain obstacles. However, it is precisely that feature that adds to the appeal so you don’t depend on one Magic Chess combo just.

If you are confused about mixing combo Magic Chess If you’re sick, check out the following list for inspiration.

1. 6 Archers, 4 Assassins & 3 Astro Powers

To prepare combo In this case, at least you have to pocket one Archer or Assassin crystal. You can get it at Fate Box. It can be time Creep Round third and after.

For Archer, you can rely on Wanwan, Irithel, or Moskov. Meanwhile, the names of Karina, Martis, and Irithel entered Astro Power. In the Assassin group, you can also rely on Karina, Gusion, and Helcurt.

However, you need blessing to activate combo this, specifically the Assassin, Abyss, Archer, and Weapon Master combination. If you already have Karina at level 3, position her at hyper carry to be immune to enemy attacks though barrage.

Recommendation commander the one that fits is none other than Remy 3. The reason is, commander this will make it easy for you to reach gold so you can ride slots quite easily.

2. 4 Swordsman & 6 Astro Power

Astro Power is known to be flexible so it is a player’s favorite in combining combo. It’s natural if combo it appears again to be paired with Swordsman. Lancelot is one of the Astro Power heroes who has Swordsman synergy.

One thing you need to take note of is defense combo this is relatively weak. This is due to the absence of heroes who can attach themselves to the front line. However, you can try to combine it with the Weapon Master group, such as Thamuz and Argus.

For combo you can rely on Buss 1 or 2 as commanders. Purpose of use combo this is nothing but to hook Hayabusa in 5 slots or 6. Once Hayabusa reaches level 3 and pocketed the item, he is guaranteed to be invincible.

3. 4 Assassin, 3 Weapon Master, 6 Astro Power, 4 Abyss

Combo The following is actually a bit difficult to obtain. Moreover, this combination does not require crystals so it takes extra effort for the concoction to really work effectively. For example, you will need blessing or slots through Fate Box to pocket 6 Astro Powers.

In order to win, you can use Irithel in position hyperbut make sure it’s 3 star. Then, collect Helcurt and Martis to get blessing. These two heroes can already represent the four combo that.

However, you can add Karina and Lancelot to Astro Power, Fanny and Gusion to Assassin, Thamuz and Argus to Weapon Master, and Moskov to Abyss. Then, Buss 1 or 2 and Remy 3 can be relied on as commanders.

4. 2 Wrestlers, 6 Wyrmslayers, 6 Gunners

Combo it’s a bit difficult if you don’t have one slots, blessings, and crystals. Positioning plays an important role so that your hero is safe and untouched by the opponent’s hero considering that there are no heroes standing in front except Masha (Wyrmslayer).

Kimmy can be a hero hyper because it produces damage extra large, but he is also weak when touched by Assassin or Swordman. Then, for Gunner, you should use Claude, Clint, or Lesley. Meanwhile, Chou and Masha became Wrestler’s hero representatives to complement Ling, Estes, and Valir in Wyrmslayer.

5. 4 Wyrmslayer, 4 Swordsman, 4 Wrestler

Some players rate Wyrmslayer as a synergy underrated because it is difficult to build a combination of them. In fact, Wyrmslayer can be converted into 6 synergies, but it is a bit difficult to mix with other synergies because the price is quite expensive.

You can combine with Wrestler (Chou, Badang, and Aldous) and Swordman (Lancelot, Saber, Hayabusa). If you can activate 4 Wyrmslayer, you might be lucky enough considering it’s hard to get the hero. Some of these heroes are Ling, Valir, Estes, and Masha. Then, to fill the role hyper carry in combo For this you can rely on Hayabusa.

actually a lot Magic Chess combos which you can tweak after season updates this time. One thing you must remember, you shouldn’t just rely on one combo just. Again, you need to match with Blessing. Whatever Blessing what you get, from there you can start to guess combo which one is right.

Please take some time to make your own combo your cool. Don’t forget to check your current Diamond first. Want a way top up simple? Just open UniPin and fill your Diamond now!

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