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5 Most Powerful Counter Grock Mobile Legends Heroes!

Grock is one of the strongest Tank heroes currently being used in Mobile Legends. Because of his strength, this hero usually fills the EXP Lane position because it is very reliable for 1 vs 1 battle.

Well, for those of you who are confused about which hero to choose when dealing with Grock Mobile Legends, here are some recommendations for the best Grock Mobile Legends hero counters that can be used. you use in the game.

Recommended Counter Grock Mobile Legends Heroes

To have these heroes, make sure you've done the Mobile Legends diamond top-up first. Because to have the following heroes, you need to exchange a number of diamonds.

So, immediately, the following are hero recommendations for counter Grock in Mobile Legends.

1. Dyrroth

The first Grock Mobile Legends hero counter recommendation is Dyrroth. This hero has the ability to penetrate the opponent's armor and provide very high burst damage.

With his abilities, this hero can be very deadly. Especially if you use the right Dyrroth build, then Grock will have a hard time dealing with Dyrroth.

2. Hylos

The best hero for the next Grock counter is Hylos. Because usually Grock with a build Attack will be positioned in the EXP Lane , then you can defeat him with Hylos.

Hylos has a very strong defense, and of course it will be difficult for Grock to finish off Hylos. Even Hylos himself has a skill that can give Magic Damage to enemies around him.

Of course by using Hylos, it will be easy for you to defeat Grock. So if your opponent uses Grock as an Offlaner, then you can immediately use Hylos to deal with him.

3. Karrie

Karrie is indeed famous as one of the Marksman heroes who destroy the opponent's armor. Of course it would be easy for Karrie to finish off Grock.

With the support of the right Karrie build , then Grock can be easily destroyed by attacks from Karrie.

4. Lunox

The next strongest hero recommendation that you can use to counter Grock Mobile Legends is Lunox. Lunox is one of the best Mage heroes with high Burst Damage.

With this ability, of course Lunox can easily destroy Grock's defenses. Therefore, it's a good idea to use Lunox when dealing with Grock in the game.

5. X.Borg

One of the strongest Fighter heroes that can counter Grock Mobile Legends is X.Borg. This hero has an ability that can interfere with Grock's movements.

With the help of Firaga Armor and X.Borg's Fire Missiles skill, of course Grock will not be able to advance carelessly. Especially if you use the right X.Borg build , it will be easy for you to beat Grock.

Well, those are some of the best Grock Mobile Legends hero counter recommendations that you can use in the game. How? Do you think you have a mainstay hero or not?

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