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5 Most Painful Hero Fighters in Mobile Legends Season 24 Games

Recommendations for the sickest Hero Fighter in Mobile Legends season 24, guaranteed to cause serious damage.

Recommendations for Mobile Legends heroes are certainly highly sought after by players who want to push rank. Here we provide recommendations for the 5 sickest fighter heroes who are very OP in season 24.

Fighter is a type of hero that deals considerable damage. Please note that Moonton is rolling out a new patch with the start of a new season.

Tank and Fighter users are quite benefited from the patch and META updates this time. This line of Mobile Legends heroes has a relatively high ban rate, so it’s enough to watch out for opponents.

Not only that, Mobile Legends players have also relied on this hero so that the quality is very proven. Here are the recommendations for the most painful Hero Fighter Mobile Legends season 24:

1. Paquito

Paquito is a very popular hero among pro players. This fighter was selected for 61 matches in MPL season 9. Paquito’s stats in MPL S9 include a pick rate of 36.53 percent, a tire rate of 11 percent and an average KDA of 2.65.

This hero is a special fighter for Chasei/damage. He has the CC Knockout Strike skill and also a deadly Jab combination. The ability to defend and attack equally well makes Paquita suitable to fight on the front lines. Paquito deserves to be placed in the mid lane as a Jungler or XP Lane.

2. Yin

Yin is a very wary hero at Legend rank and above. The yin tire rate reached 54.54 percent. That’s lower than Karina with the highest tire rate (57.48 percent).

Yin has been a new Hero Fighter in Mobile Legends since mid-January 2022. He is a Hero Fighter with a Burst/Control specialization. His ultimate skill reminds us of Domain Expansion in the Jujutsu Kaisen anime.

The accessories on the Yin bracelet are similar to the rings in Shang-Chi and the Legends of the Ten Rings. Skill One (Charged Punch) and Skill Two (Instant Blast) can make additional combos in the form of movement speed and deadly blows.

Yin’s strength is in his ultimate skill (My Turn). Yin will pull the opponent’s hero into the domain for 8 seconds. After this hero turns into Lieh, he has a stronger skill with an additional 20 physical defense and Magic Defense.

3. Chou

Chou is one of the next recommended Mobile Legends heroes. This hero was chosen by pro players in 61 MPL S9 games. Chou’s stats on the MPL S9 include a pick rate of 36.53 percent, a tire rate of 26.95 percent and an average KDA of 2.53 points.

The ultimate skill The Way of Dragon allows Chou to easily kidnap enemy heroes. The Jeet Kune Do and Shunpo combo has several advantages, namely being immune to CC, getting a shield, and producing high Physical Attack and PEN.

4. Balmond

Two Balmond skills (Cyclone Sweep) can provide Physical Attack with increased damage. The combination of passive skills and the two skills allows this hero to regenerate HP quickly when killing minions and enemy heroes.

Balmond is the sickest fighter hero in Mobile Legends when he is equipped with items that provide CD Reduction or items with high HP.

This series of items will be able to make Balmond to issue a deadly Lethal Counter with a short duration. The “slash” of this third skill is very effective for blowing opponents away with a small amount of HP remaining. Balmond is an early game hero, so players must play fast to win.

5. Phoveus

Phoveus is an offlaner hero with skills that are difficult to fight. The ultimate skill of Phoveus allows this hero to move towards the specified target. The combination of Astaros Eye and Demonic Force is very useful for Phoveus to lock the enemy and kill him quickly.

Not only the five Hero Fighters above, there are many other heroes worth considering. Some of the other Hero Fighters in Mobile Legends are Aulus, Yu Zhong, Dyrroth, Baxia, Masha and Hilda. Here are the recommendations for the best heroes in Mobile Legends Fighter Hero season 24. Are you interested in using one of them for push rank?

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