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5 Best Light Action Games on Android

Who doesn’t love to play games on Android? Everyone will love it. On Android there are thousands of best action games available on google play store. Too many choices come with confusion to choose the best. Here I will help you find some of the best action games for you.

And admire the beauty of the game set, storyline, graphics, strong characters, multiplayer compatibility and so on. Above all, become the ultimate hero in your own virtual world.

5. Overkill 3

Let’s take a look at another action shooting game with amazing audio-visual quality. Overkill 3 is one of the best games that can be played both offline and online. Although it can be played via Android, the cinematic visual effects are almost the same as the console version

This game has a rich storyline in single-player campaign mode. It provides almost seamless connectivity between players when playing in multiplayer mode. Its unique qualities make it a highly addictive action game for Android. Overkill 3 is well optimized and equipped with a balanced reward system.

4. NOVA Legacy

Do you like sci-fi action FPS genre games? If yes, then NOVA Legacy will be right for you. This game offers high definition graphics and console-like gameplay on mobile devices. This game is completely free and you can play right away. Not only that, NOVA Legacy is also one of the most optimal action games for Android.

This game offers exciting multiplayer sessions with friends. It supports both online and offline gameplay experience. You can play a single-player shooting campaign with an interesting story anytime, anywhere. It has integrated leaderboard and achievements for competitive gaming sessions.

3. Kung Fu Commando

Another fun action game that will surely blow your mind is Kung Fu Commando. The game has balanced leveling as players level up and get lots of upgrades. Despite presenting high definition graphics but this game consumes relatively low system resources.

You will love the gameplay with lots of matches against competitive enemies. It renders realistic 3D graphics. This game features lots of action moves and epic combos. Master moves and combo fights to climb to the leaderboard.

2. Cover Fire: Shooting Games Free

Among action shooting games for Android, Cover Fire provides one of the most advanced and versatile gameplay experiences. This game features cutting-edge visuals and 3D graphics like consoles on mobile devices. There are many different game modes available to keep you playing.

Play as a master shooter, sniper and commando in battle like a veteran. This game has many missions and shooting challenges to complete. You will enjoy a rich storyline in story mode and general campaign.

1. Iron Blade: Medieval Legends RPG

Iron Blade Medieval Legends Rpg
Iron Blade Medieval Legends Rpg

Iron Blade: Medieval Legends RPG is the answer for gamers who love the RPG genre. Join yourself in a universe of war heroes, dark forces and medieval settings. The game environment is based on medieval Europe and is full of chaos and magic.

You will fight to become the ultimate warrior, warlord, monster hunter, and the list goes on. This provides an interesting opportunity. Includes real-world locations, dungeons, and places where you can engage in PvP wars and challenges.

One of the things that stands out the most is the creation of in-game settings that resemble medieval European locations.

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