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5 Best Hero Counter Akai Revamp Mobile Legends

Akai is one of the Tank Mobile Legends heroes who has powerful abilities after getting a significant revamp from Moonton in the April 2022 patch update yesterday. The existence of the revamp can make Akai have a new appearance and also increase skill abilities.

One of the ability revamps that Akai got from Moonton's side was a passive skill called Tai Chi, where Akai can give Mark with his Basic Attack to inflict additional damage on opponents hit by Mark and can get a lot of additional Shields.

Well, on this occasion we want to tell you some of the best heroes to counter Akai revamp in the Mobile Legends Season 24 game. Want to know what the list of heroes is? Come on, just take a look at the following article reviews.

5 Best Hero Counter Akai Revamp Mobile Legends

1. Nana

The best hero to counter Akai first is Nana. This Hero Support / Mage has Crowd Control abilities which are annoying for the opposing team, especially for Akai hero users. Because Nana's Skill 2 (Molina Smooch) can lay a Molina trap that is able to automatically chase the closest opponent.

If the target is hit by this trap, it can deal massive damage while slowing Akai by 50% for 1.5 seconds, and also reduces Akai's Magic Defense by 25%. The existence of this ability can make Akai's movement more limited when the team fight takes place.

2. Lunox

The best hero to counter Akai next is Lunox. As a Mage hero , Lunox is able to penetrate Akai's defense by only using his ultimate skill ability (Order & Chaos) which can inflict enormous damage to Akai.

The main requirement to launch a Lunox attack properly is to use Lunox's skill 2 (Chaos Assault) ability first. If skill 2 is active, then Lunox can do damage continuously to Akai.

3. Karrie

The best hero to counter Akai next is Karrie. Karrie is one of the Marksman heroes who can counter Meta Tanks very easily, because Karrie can produce enormous damage, especially when entering the late game phase.

Karrie's passive skill ability (Lightwheel Mark) can deal True Damage equivalent to 8%-12% of Akai's Max HP. So that Karrie is able to give a deadly attack to immediately finish off Akai.

4. Valir

The best hero to counter Akai next is Valir. Valir has Crowd Control ability which can make it difficult for Akai to attack teammates, because Valir can give Slow and Knockback effects to the opposing team.

Valir can also remove all Crowd Control effects from Akai's attacks by only using his ultimate skill called Vegane Flame. So that Akai will find it difficult to lock Valir's movements during the team fight.

5. Diggie

The best hero to counter the last Akai is Diggie. You can use Diggie's ultimate skill ability (Time Journey) against Akai who has the deadliest Crowd Control ability, because Diggie will get Immune to all Crowd Control effects for a few seconds.

In addition to getting Immune, Diggie can also get an additional Shield that can absorb Akai's damage in large quantities and can increase his Movement Speed ​​by 50%. So that Diggie has a more agile movement.

Those are some of the best heroes that you can use to easily counter Akai revamp. May be useful! 


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