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5 Best Android Gundam Games for Mecha Lovers

The 90s generation must know Gundam as one of the anime characters in the form of robots that often adorn our childhood. Along with the times and technology, this character has been adapted to various popular cultures, one of which is games. on the market games PC or consolethere are tons of Gundam themed games out there.

Game for Mecha Lovers

The term Mecha is used to refer to works of science fiction with the main theme centered on robots or machines controlled by humans. Derived from Japanese, this term became known since the Gundam anime aired several decades ago. Even though the Gundam anime ended many years ago, the term Mecha still exists,

Mecha is even more popular when Gundam-like characters appear in popular culture such as Transformers or Pacific Rim. But until now, most Mecha lovers are those who like Gundam characters. Maybe this is the reason why there are so many Gundam franchises on the market games.

5 Best Android Gundam Games

As a recommendation, here’s a review of 5 games Gundam Android best for Mecha lovers,

1. Gundam: Battle Assault

Gundam android game offline

fighting games it consists of several series released for the Play Station 1, Play Station 2, and Game Boy Advance. To play it on Android, you need emulator. Each series of Battle Assault has its own challenges and storyline different.

The best version is Battle Assault 3 for Play Station 2. Graphically, games Best Android Gundam it has a view full 3D HD and focus on Gundam Seed characters. In this game there are also several secret characters and can be obtained when we complete several missions.

The characters are Wing Gundam Zero, Tallgeese III, Burning (God) Gundam, and Master Gundam. Playing Battle Assault for Mecha lovers, especially Gundam, will certainly give its own impression. So even if you lose the game later, games this is enough to treat the longing of Mecha lovers in the Gundam anime.

2. Gundam Breaker Mobile

best android gundam game

Gundam Breaker Mobile is one of the assemble games Gundam Android most popular. Throughout the game we will collect body parts gunpla to be assembled and modified so that they can be brought to the battlefield. To get body parts gunplause Haro coins as currency.

Haro itself can be obtained through several missions that must be completed. Parts of body gunpla consists of head, body, arms, legs, Backpack, shield, and some weapons. Each part is equipped with attributes P, T, and S, which means P-power, T-techniqueand S-speed.

Gundam Breaker Mobile has 3 game modes, namely Training Mode, which allows players to learn or refresh themselves by exercising control over the games. Story Mode, when the player becomes the famous protagonist character. Finally, the Event Mode, which allows players to obtain special and limited 3-star units.

3. Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3

gundam game on android

Games Gundam Android it focuses on action and style tactical elements as does games Samurai Warriors. Although the main character is a Gundam, when fighting this robot is able to show distinctive movements that can defeat opponents to the maximum.

To win the battle, Gundam is also required to go through many missions. There are at least 300 different missions in one mode alone. Although the game time may be quite long, Mecha lovers will definitely not be bored while playing this game.

Interesting storyline and exciting challenges make each mission feel so challenging to complete. Supported graphics and background music cool, playing Dynasty Warrior: Gundam 3 can certainly treat the feeling of missing the Gundam anime.

Dynasty Warrior also features some of the famous Gundam characters from Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory, Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, After War Gundam X, and Mobile Suit Gundam 00.

4. Gundam Breaker 3

android gundam assembly game

The continuation of Gundam Breaker 2 was first released in 2022 for Play Station 4 and Play Station Vita. To play it on Android, you have to use emulators. Broadly speaking, the storyline games Gundam on Android this is not much different from the previous version.

The difference is, Gundam Breaker 3 has two additional modes, namely Bounty Hunter and Challenger. Bounty Hunter lets players fight against artificial characters on line or offline. While Challenger is an individual battle between the main character against a myriad of enemies.

Character gunpla in Gundam Breaker 3 this also has differences with the previous version. Here players are free to make modifications and add some important parts that are useful during the battle later. Like in Gundam Breaker 1, body parts gunpla divided into 5 levels based on color, namely Common (white), Uncommon (green), Rare (blue), Exclusive (purple), and Legendary (gold).

Problem graphics, this version is clearly much better. This of course makes the experience of playing Gundam Breaker 3 on Android more exciting. Games this is classified as one games Gundam Android offline.

5. Gundam Versus

Gundam android game

Games Play Station that can be played online on line and offline it presents a fight arcade classic 2 vs 2, and console exclusive 3 vs 3. Equipped with new techniques and moves, players can master various battle strategies that can help avoid enemy attacks.

The moves are, Boost Dash, Boost Step, and Boost Dive. Apart from fashion arcadeGundam Versus also comes with a Boss Hunter mode that can be played by 6 players on line at a time. To play Gundam Versus on Android, you need emulator.

Games this is games paid with graphics and background music high quality. To play games In this case, we need special strategies and certain game techniques in order to win the battle. For Mecha lovers, Gundam Versus is quite a treat for the eyes because it is able to present several events and Gundam characters that have appeared in the anime.

So, interested in playing 5 games Gundam Androidon? Good luck.

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