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4 Indonesian MPL Pro Players with 100% Win Rate with Their Mainstay Hero Games

These four Indonesian MPL Pro Players have a 100% win rate with their hero heroes. Who are they? Here’s the explanation

Every pro player in MPL Indonesia must have their favorite hero who is always used in several games. There are several pro players with a 100% win rate with their favorite heroes in MPL Indonesia – the pro players are Skylar, Sanz, Fluffy and Clayyy.

So, what are their hero heroes who managed to achieve a 100% win rate in MPL matches in Indonesia? Instead of being curious, let’s see the discussion below!

1. Skylar – Brody (9 times used)

First, Skylar with the hero Marksman Brody which he used in the MPL Indonesia game. This side laner from RRQ Hoshi, seems to play very well when playing Brody, so he never loses using Brody.

Brody is a marksman hero who is quite strong because of his enormous burst damage ability and agile movements. You could say this Brody fits perfectly with Skylar’s style of play.

While the Brody build items used by Skylar are:

  • Tough Boots;
  • Demon Hunter Swords;
  • Blade of Despair;
  • Malefic Roar;
  • Immortality.

2. Sanz – Fanny (6 times used)

Fanny is a Hero Assassin who became famous in season 9 of MPL ID because she got a buff that allowed her to re-enter META again. One of the pro players who can control Fanny very well is the jungler from the ONIC Esports team, namely Sanz.

Sanz is a jungler who is very adept at using Assassin heroes like Fanny, so he becomes invincible when Fanny is used six times.

The Sanz version of Fanny’s build items are:

  • Tough Boots;
  • Blade of Heptaseas;
  • Queen’s Wings;
  • Antique Cuirass;
  • Athena Shield;
  • Rose Gold Meteor.

3. Fluffy – Grock (7 times used)

Fluffy, who is the off-laner of the Aura Fire team, is often seen using offensive tank heroes like Grock. Fluffy when using Grock can’t be underestimated because he can destroy the opponent’s formation very easily during team fights – so he never loses when using Grock.

The Grock build items used by Fluffy are:

  • Rapid Boots;
  • Radiant Armor;
  • Blade of Heptaseas;
  • Hunter Strikes;
  • Blade of Despair.

4. Clayyy – Yve (10 times used)

Finally, there is Clayyy who has never been defeated by Yve’s hero in 10 games. This midlaner from RRQ Hoshi is arguably very adept at using Yve – he can provide excellent support in using this Mage hero.

Clayyy uses Yve to always give space to his comrades, especially Alberttt, to be able to infiltrate the enemy and constantly annoy the enemy using his skills.

The Clayyy version of Yve’s build items are:

  • Tough Boots;
  • Ice Queen Wand;
  • Enchanted Talisman;
  • Athena Shield;
  • Winter Truncheon.

Those were the 4 Indonesian MPL pro players with 100% Win Rate with their hero heroes.

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