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3 Easy Ways to Record Games on Android

In addition to driving away boredom, nowadays playing games can also generate coffers of rupiah, you know. As for how to make money from activities gaming also vary. You can be a pro-player and win e-Sport matches or become gaming content creators.

If you are interested in being content creators, your job is to upload content related to games to social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Usually the uploaded content is in the form of videos with various themes. For example, content that reviews games latest releases or recorded video content showing the user playing games.

Talk about playing video recording games, already know how to do it? If not, here are 3 how to record games on Android use additional applications.

1. Install the Google Play Games App

how to record android games on pc

For some people, Google Play Games must feel foreign. It’s different with those who often play games definitely familiar with this one application. One of the functions of Google Play Games is to record the game being played. As content creator, you must have Google Play Games. If not, please download the application on the Play Store.

Then, how to use it? Follow the guide below.

  • Open the Google Play Games app
  • Select the Library menu, then on the next page you will find a list games installed on your phone.
  • Press icon games you want to play
  • After that press the camera icon located in the upper right corner, to the left of the three-dot icon.
  • Google Play Games will display two choices of video resolution to be recorded, namely 720P HD or 480P SD.
  • Select the video quality you want, then press Next
  • Keep in mind that during the recording process, all sounds around you will be recorded, including the notifications that appear on the screen. Therefore, in order to produce the best recording quality, please choose the right time to minimize interference. This is where Google Play Games lacks.
  • When ready, select the Launch menu to enter games
  • In the games it will appear a small video showing your face along with 3 icons in the form of a microphone to record/mute sound, a camera to record facial expressions, and a red circle icon that functions to start/end recording.
  • If you want to end the recording process, please tap on the video that shows your face until the 3 icons appear.
  • Select the red icon to turn off the recording
  • When finished the recording will be saved in the gallery

In addition to screen recording, Google Play Games also has other functions such as allowing users to perform real-time multiplayer and cloud save—a service that can save settings and can sync your game progress across games that you are playing, as long as games it supports login using a Google Play Games account.

2. Use AZ Screen Recorder

how to record game on android with internal sound

How to record games on Android next is to use AZ Screen Recorder. Among Android users, AZ Screen Recorder is one of the best screen recorder apps because user no need to do root on the device and has many features that can be accessed for free.

The good news is that there is no recording time limit on AZ Screen Recorder. The resulting recording quality can be selected from HD to FullHD. In addition to providing a free version, AZ Screen Recorder also provides a pro version and the service is paid.

Before starting, make sure the application is installed on your phone. If not, please download the application on the Play Store. For additional information, AZ Screen Recorder can only be used on Android version 5.0 and above.

Here are the steps to record AZ Screen Recorder that you can practice.

  • The first time you use AZ Screen Recorder, the screen will display a request for approval to record. Click Allow to continue the process.
  • After entering the application you will see 4 small icons on the right side
  • To start recording click video icon camera and AZ Screen Recorder will record all the activities you do on the device.
  • Press the box icon at the bottom when the recording process is considered complete
  • The recording will be saved automatically in the gallery

3. Download the Mobizen Screen Recorder App

how to record game sound on android

How to record games on Android with built-in sound the last one is Mobizen Screen Recorder. Apps with rating 4.3 has been downloaded 100 million times by users. In 2022, Mobizen Screen Recorder was the best application.

Some of the advantages of this application is that its size is not too large, so it does not take up a lot of RAM capacity. Interestingly Mobizen Screen Recorder also provides features editing to edit the recording.

The recording process using the Mobizen Screen Recorder application is fairly easy. Follow the guide below.

  • Open Mobizen Screen Recorder
  • After that, 3 icons will appear on the right side of the screen, namely the video icon camera to record activity on the screen, circle menu to see the screenshot video results along with the menu settingsand camera icon to do screen captures.
  • Please press the video icon camera to start recording
  • To end the recording, press the Mobizen Screen Recorder icon until 4 icons appear. Select the square icon to stop recording. If you want to pause please press the button pause.
  • Open the gallery to view the recording

That’s 3 how to record games on Android with the help of third party applications. In addition to the 3 applications above, you can find many similar applications available on the Play Store.

Currently some smartphone The latest release has been equipped with built-in features such as: screen recorder. With this feature, users do not need toinstall additional application if you want to record the screen.

How to use features screen recorder as easy as app screen recorder. To start recording you just press the feature screen recorder and recordings are automatically saved in the gallery. Practical isn’t it?

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