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3 Best Counter Xavier Heroes in Mobile Legends Games

Xavier the Defier of Light is the newest hero released in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. As a mage, he deals enormous magic damage from afar, and can destroy anyone with a single combo in the late game.

Xavier is a lot of fun to play, especially if you have a good understanding of his global ultimate, Dawning Light.

Even though he doesn’t have any escape skills, this hero mage is hard to catch because of his long-distance. One lane with him will be difficult to fight and during the late game, it will be very scary.

But don’t worry, because this time we will give three heroes that you deserve to use in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang to face Xavier.

3 Effective Heroes Counter Xavier in Mobile Legends

1. Lolita

What makes Lolita perfect against Defier of Light is Guardian’s Bulwark, which can block Infinite Extension, an important skill she uses to replenish her Transcendence passive.

Lolita also has two crowd control skills, Charge and Noumenon Blast, which stun multiple enemies in a wide area.

This skill makes it harder for Xavier to find a good position to string his combos together effectively. In general, if you are looking for a quick counter attack for all ranged mage heroes that have projectile skills, Lolita is a great choice.

2. Helcurt

Helcurt makes a formidable opponent because he is one of the few heroes who can silence enemies, preventing them from using skills for a short period of time. This was bad news for Xavier, because he relied heavily on his skills to fight.

The combo of Dark Night Falls, Shadow Transition, and Deadly Stinger from Helcurt is very easy to kill the ‘squishy’ hero and will die easily. The only way to counter this as a hero mage with almost no mobility is to buy a Winter Truncheon, or wait for Helcurt to use his skills on other enemies.

3. Fanny

Xavier has a hard time targeting the enemy and will be a challenge to play. Fanny is a great choice to take advantage of this predicament, as she can enter and exit team fights with her cord, making it extremely difficult for anyone to kill her.

One way to stop him was to prevent him from using his cord with a single target stun skill, something this mage didn’t have. Fanny is one of the most annoying heroes to deal with, and the best thing you can do is hope your opponent makes a mistake.

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