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2K Games Announcement for E3 2022 Has Leaked to the Internet

E3 2022 officially kicks off less than a week after this article was published. The hype for this annual event is at its peak right now. Various information and rumors related to E3 have also started to appear.

Recently, the full schedule for E3 was revealed. Of which there are various companies that have made sure to make presentations at E3 this year. Including 2K Games with their various games.

2K Games plans for E3 2022

2k Games Announcement For E3 2021 Has Leaked On The Internet
Borderlands spin-off | Slashgear

Speaking of this, it’s possible that 2K Games’ plans for E3 weekend have leaked onto the internet. Through Reddit, 2K Games plans to announce a spinoff of Borderlands and a new Marvel game.

If it’s true, they will also announce an action game that is still in the early stages of development. This leak from Reddit was also agreed by the leading gaming journalist from Bloomberg – Jason Schreier.

Leak to the internet!

Via account Twitter, Schreier said that the leak is true, but he is not 100% sure if everything will be revealed through E3 next week. Furthermore, NBA 2K22 is also one of the games that will be present at E3 later according to leaks.

Which former professional NBA player – Dirk Nowitzki became one of the stars on the cover. The spin-off from Borderlands itself has the Codename Daffodil and features Tiny Tina in it.

According to the leak, this spin-off will have the same gameplay as the main Borderlands. In addition, there is Codename CODA which is touted as a new Marvel-themed XCOM-style turn-based game from Firaxis.

Lastly, Codename Volt is an action game that has just entered the early stages of development for Hangar 13. 2K Games itself will most likely make a presentation on June 14 with Take-Two as their owner.

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