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2D Game That Looks Simple But Full of Challenges

The sophistication of technology gives rise to various types of games which has good graphic quality like PUBG Mobile or COD Mobile. Even so, that doesn’t mean games with simple 2D graphics abandoned by para gamer. As proof, you can look at existence games 2D titled Terraria. Despite its simple appearance, games it offers a high challenge.

Games This is a type of game with a genre action-adventure sandbox which is the result of development from a developer called Re-Logic. Games it has been released for a very long time, to be precise on May 16, 2011. Even so, its popularity remains high. By the end of 2022, Re-Logic had recorded more than 35 million download Terraria around the world.

Terraria Gameplay

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Present as games themed sandbox, you will find that this game does not have a clear goal. You will not encounter any missions or quest. Instead, Re-Logic designed the product games made with a very high degree of freedom. You can choose to do exploration activities, craftingbuild a house, survival, miningand others.

In various Terraria guides, you will meet the gamer choose how to play it yourself. You can also follow one of the guides or try to play with your own method. Especially when you first play the game, you will only get tools base. Furthermore, you can make modifications according to your individual tastes.

Beginner players will have where as well as health The low one. You have a chance to improve it by finding items certain. You can try to start mining and collecting activities metal ore while doing cave exploration. In addition, there is also the opportunity to obtain drop items when defeating certain enemies.

Furthermore, you have the choice to do crafting items or equipment new. You can do that on condition that you have recipeher first. It’s just, process crafting items in games can be quite confusing. What’s more, some items certain processes require crafting repeatedly accompanied by recipe and different material compositions.

For adventure activities, you can encounter various types of enemies during your exploration. Not only that, you have the opportunity to fight boss monsters and have the opportunity to get drop items rare. For the choice of weapons, there are various options that you can use. You can fight at close range using a sword. In addition, there are also considerations of using a rifle, magicarrows, or monsters summon.

Terraria Is More Than Just Minecraft 2D Version

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How to play games 2D is very exciting. You can choose to play alone or multiplayer with gamer other. When playing it, you will feel the sensation of playing games legacy 16-bit like on console games old times. Besides that, games This at a glance has a resemblance to games themed sandbox popular, namely Minecraft.

However, games it has much more complete features than Minecraft, moreover you will find many interesting biomes or areas to explore. Each of the biomes in games Terraria has its own uniqueness. Want to know what unique biomes you can explore while playing the game? Following are some of them:

1. Space

Space is a Terraria map located in the outermost layer of the world, at an altitude of about 700 feet. In this biome, you will see a dark sky with stars and the sun shining brightly. The special feature, you can feel that this area has a low gravitational force that affects not only the enemy, but also the character gamer. The enemies here include harpies, wyvern, martian probesas well as arch wyvern.

2. Surface/underground

The Surface becomes a biome that is at 0 feet. However, in certain cases the biomes surface is quite large and reaches underground areas. Several biomes that fall into the surface category include Jungle, Corruption and Crimson, Desert, Snow, Ocean, and Mushroom.

3. Cavern

There are also biomes known as caverns which are underground areas. You can find that the cavern has contrasting characteristics compared to the surface. Types of cavernous biomes in games various of which are Underground Desert, Underground Jungle, Underground Mushroom, Ice Biome, and Glowing Moss.

4. Underworld

If you travel deep underground, there is a biome known as the Underworld. These biomes are located at the bottom of the world, with characteristic lava everywhere. You can get hellstone as well as house destroyed in this place.

5. Hard mode

Hardmode is not a type of biome, but a game mode with a higher difficulty level. You will get hardmode when you beat the Wall of Flesh boss for the first time. When in hard mode, you have the opportunity to explore several extra biomes, namely The Hallow, Underground Hallow, Underground Crimson, Underground Corruption, Corrupted/Crimson Deserts, and Hallowed Deserts.

Uniqueness Games Terraria

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By now, you already understand that choice download Terraria is not the same as deciding to play Minecraft. Both have gameplay different. Even, games this has a uniqueness that is not owned by Minecraft.

The uniqueness is the existence of elements like games RPGs. In games In this case, you have the opportunity to build your character so that it develops into char the strong one. You can increase your strength by defeating enemies or craft items.

You could say, you will have no difficulty in the process character building in games this adventure. Plus, you’ll never run out of places to choose from for your adventure. There are many biomes for you to explore.

It doesn’t stop there, Re-Logic presents a hardmode to add a challenge for players gamer. In hard mode, you will be faced with a much stronger enemy. At the same time, this game mode provides an opportunity for you to build a stronger character.

Specifications and Place Download Terraria

Steam Terraria

Because it uses 2D graphics, you can play sandbox games this with a low spec computer. Games it can run smoothly on a computer with an Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 processor and 4 GB RAM. In addition, this game does not require a special graphics card, it is enough to use the VGA on board.

How to download games This is very easy. You can get Steam Terraria by paying only Rp. 89,999 thousand. Cheap, right? So what are you waiting for. Immediately download and play games this. If your Steam Wallet is empty, it’s easy. Just buy a UniPin voucher and top up your Steam Wallet.

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