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10 Recommended Android Zombie Games that are Fun and Challenging

There’s a lot right now games fun that can be played to kill free time. One of the most popular game genres is zombies. Despite losing the market a few years ago, zombie games have managed to survive and thrive in the industry video games. If you want to challenge your adrenaline, here are 10: games zombies best android which you can play.

1. Into the Dead 2

zombie games android offline

After releasing the first series, in 2022 Prodigy Design Limited re-launched the second version of Into the Dead. Carrying the genre survivalInto the Dead 2 requires players to survive during a zombie apocalypse.

To avoid zombie attacks, at the start of the game you will get two weapons. After successfully leveling up players will be given a companion dog to attack the zombies that get in your way.

Although the gameplay is fairly simple, Into the Dead 2 is supported by a spectacular graphic display. Therefore, it is not surprising that zombie games Android offline this one feels addictive when played.

2. Dead Effect 2

best android zombie games

Dead Effect 2 is games themed First Person Shooter (FPS) equipped with the best visuals. According to storylineBasically, the game begins when a human-made virus infects the entire crew on a spaceship. Armed with the available weapons, players must survive by shooting swarms of zombies.

Uniquely, Dead Effect 2 is equipped with elements Role Playing Game (RPG) that allows you to do upgrade everything the character needs, such as adding weapons or equipping the body with 100 implants available. So that players don’t get bored quickly, Dead Effect 2 provides a lot of content.

3. Dead Trigger 2

zombie games android online

Similar to Dead Effect 2, Dead Trigger 2 also carries a theme First Person Shooter (FPS). While playing Dead Trigger 2 you are asked to complete the missions given by the NPCs while also defending yourself from zombie attacks.

Broadly speaking, the missions in this game are divided into 3, namely: global missions, story missions, and side mission. Global mission allows players to join forces with other players from all over the world. Your task is to eradicate the zombies in a country. If successful in carrying out the mission, in return the player will get a bonus weapon.

Meanwhile, story mission similar to global mission which challenges players to protect cities around the world from zombie attacks. Last is side missions. Through this mission you can earn money for upgrade weapon.

4. Unkilled

challenging zombie games

After the first and second versions of Dead Trigger, Madfinger Game seems to want to repeat their success with the release of Unkilled. Unkilled is games FPS that takes the background in the city of New York.

In playing zombie games Android in this you play as a member of WOLFPACK—a military organization tasked with preventing and dealing with zombie attacks from infecting the entire world. One of the advantages of Unkilled is that it has stunning and realistic graphic visuals.

5. Zombie Tsunami

cartoon zombie game

While most of the main mission in zombie games is survival, the player’s job in Zombie Tsunami is to run zombies to prey on humans. The more humans are eaten, the more the zombie hordes multiply.

The zombies will move to the right ala endless runner. Your next task is to control swarms of zombies so you can get past obstacles like ravines and bombs. As time goes on, the game will become more challenging as the hordes of zombies will move faster.

6. Plants vs Zombies 2

plants vs zombies android

In contrast to the previous recommendations that present effects gore, the characters in Plant vs Zombies 2 are actually made more unique like children’s games. Even so, the missions offered are no less exciting than games other zombies.

Plants vs Zombies 2 requires players to protect their homes from invading zombies. Before starting the game you can choose magic plants as weapons to attack zombies.

There are 3 in total folder cowboy themed to ancient Egypt. Each folder consists of 20 levels of the game that you can play in stages.

7. World War Z

best zombie games
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Recommendation zombie games Android Next up is World War Z, which was first released in 2022 by Focus Home Interactive and Mad Dog Games LLC. If you’ve previously seen the film World War Z, played by Brad Pitt, you must be familiar with the way the game is played.

World War Z brings fashion multiplayer with a mission to survive the zombie attack. Interestingly, this game is divided into 4 episodes with different settings and characters.

8. Kill Shot Virus

best zombie games online

Shown with stunning graphics, Kill Shot Virus makes players have to fight against zombies to save human life around the world. Some types of zombies to watch out for during the game are Jumpers, Exploders, and Screechers.

Kill Shot Virus provides more than 100 missions to play. The game also features a variety of weapons that can be collected to knock out zombie attacks.

9. Last Day on Earth

scary zombie games

Last Day on Earth can be said to be a semi-simulation when the world is attacked by zombies. Through this game you are invited to survive starting from zero. Yes, at the beginning of the game you will be thrown into the game arena without any capital.

Your task is to explore the game arena to find objects that can be used to meet the needs of eating, drinking, bathing, and building houses.

10. The Walking Dead: Our World

walking dead android

At a glance, The Walking Dead: Our World will remind you of games PokemonGo. If the player’s task in PokemonGo is to catch Pokemon, players in The Walking Dead: Our World have a survival mission by killing hordes of zombies.

A tip for those of you who want to kill zombies quickly is to do headshot or a shot in the head. If successful the player will get coins as a prize.

Here are 10 recommendations games zombies Android which you can play to get rid of boredom. Among the list of games above, approx games which one do you want to play?

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