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10 Recommended Action Games on the Best Android in 2022

Who doesn’t love to play games on Android? Everyone will love it. Even though there are thousands of action games on the Google PlayStore, finding the best ones is difficult. There are so many choices of games, it makes people confused to choose which games are good.

Here I will help you to find some of the best action games for Android. And marvel at the beauty of the game set, storyline, graphics, powerful characters, multiplayer compatibility, and more.

Today I will recommend 10 of the best free action games for Android that you can play with friends or family in your spare time. All games are selected based on high ratings and trends on PlayStore.

10. Alpha Guns 2

Alpha Guns 2 is a classic styled action game for the android platform. You will play as Max from the future, who will save the earth from dangerous aliens. Using new and advanced weapons, you can defeat all the enemy bosses.

These creatures are all around the map and appear out of nowhere. Shoot them all before they kill you. You have to be fast and accurate because these enemies have a fairly high level of defense system.

Kill all enemies and get rewards. Upgrade your weapons to make yourself unstoppable. You can play this game online with friends and rank on the leaderboard.

9. Alien Zone Plus

If you are a fan of Sci-fi action games, then this game is for you. This is Alien Zone Plus, a game that is full of action and full of charm. In this game, your city is under attack by scary aliens who destroy everything and kill everyone who comes on their way.

Kill all those creatures and save your city and loved ones. There are 22 stages and 22 typical scenes that will introduce you to the situation you are in. This game has a stunning 3d interface that will make you feel like you are in that place.

Although this game has relatively good graphics, it has simple and fast controls with fast feedback. Get ready, you have a city to save. These creatures are very destructive, so you have to be smart and active.

8. Grand Action Simulator – New York Car Gang

Some of us are very afraid of getting caught by the police or getting killed in-game. Test your mettle with Grand Action Simulator. The app is very fast and smooth, and has impressive environmental details.

Be a gangster in New York city and be the head of every street in New York City. Because in this game, you will fight against big mafia teams from Russia, Japan, Mexico, America, China, and many more.

This game has a variety of weapons that you have to buy from various shops scattered throughout the city. This open world has a large collection of vehicles and helicopters. Save your city from outside interference and be the one and only king.

7. Prison Escape

The combination of puzzles and android games is always fun. Want to try action-puzzle games on Android? Then Prison Escape is the game for you. This immersive game comes with lots of surprises and action.

In the game, you take on the role of a high-class criminal and are imprisoned. This prison is guarded for 24 hours by the police and there is almost no way out.

But since you’re a big-time criminal and you definitely have a way of escaping. Show your skills in solving puzzles and escaping the disgusting prison.

Make friends in prison and fight with other prisoners to regain your glory. This game has an amazing open world where you can play. Making the game a little more difficult, but you’ll get used to it later.

6. Death Invasion: Survival

What happens when a lot of zombies come towards you? You have nothing to do but shoot them and run away. To give you a thrilling experience, JoyMore GAME comes with Death Invansion.

This is one of the best action games on android. The game comes with a storyline that is both touching and thrilling. In this game, you are in a small town filled with zombies.

Wherever you go, they will follow and try to kill you. In order to survive, you must find a weapon, food, and safer shelter.

You have to go to some of the most dangerous places on the map to get interesting items. These places are usually filled with zombies. Your friends will collect these.

Meanwhile you have to distract the zombies. Sometimes you will also meet zombie bosses that are very difficult to kill.

5. Overkill 3

Let’s take a look at other action shooting games with amazing audio visual quality. Overkill 3 is one of the good games that you can play both offline and online.

This game provides cinematic and console visual effects, such as graphics on your android platform. Not only that, Overkill 3 has a rich storyline in the single player campaign.

By providing almost seamless connectivity between players when playing in multiplayer mode. Its unique qualities make this action game highly addictive for android. The game is well optimized and comes with a rewards system.

4. NOVA Legacy

Do you like sci-fi action FPS games? If yes, then NOVA Legacy will be the right choice for you. The reason is, this game offers high graphics and gameplay like a console on a mobile platform, you know.

Interestingly, you can also play this game for free and is one of the most optimal action games for the android platform.

NOVA Legacy also offers exciting multiplayer sessions that you can play with friends and supports both online and offline gameplay experiences. You can play the single player campaign mode with an interesting story.

Not only that, this game has also integrated leaderboard and achievement functions for competitive game sessions. Interesting right?

3. Kung Fu Commando

Another fun action game that will blow your mind is Kung Fu Commando. The game has balanced leveling as players level up and get lots of upgrades.

Kung Fu Commando provides high definition graphics while consuming relatively low battery. You will love the game with lots of tournaments against competitive enemies.

This game features realistic 3D graphics. By featuring lots of action moves and epic combos. Master moves and fight combos to climb to the leaderboard. Kung Fu Commando you can play for free.

2. Cover Fire: Shooting Games Free

Among android action games, Cover Fire provides one of the most advanced and versatile gameplay experiences. This game features cutting-edge visuals and console-like 3D graphics on mobile platforms.

There will be many different game modes available to keep you motivated. Playing as a master shooter, sniper marksman, and commando in battle like a veteran is fun.

This game has many missions and shooting challenges to complete. You will enjoy a rich storyline in story and campaign modes. You can play this without even requiring an internet connection.

1. Iron Blade: Medieval Legends RPG

As a first recommendation, Iron Blade: Medieval Legends RPG is the answer to your RPG needs. Join a universe of war heroes, dark forces and medieval settings.

The game environment is based on medieval Europe and is full of chaos and magic. You will fight to become the ultimate warrior, warlord, monster hunter and more.

It provides a full range of exciting opportunities, including real-world locations, dungeons, and places where you will engage in PvP wars and challenges. One of the things that stands out the most is the creation of a game setting that resembles a medieval European location.

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