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10 Maps Ever Released in Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty mobile (CODM) is one of the games which is never empty of fans. This is what makes this game often do updates from characters, weapons, to folder. Regardless of the existing characters and weapons, here are 10 folder ever released by CODM.

10 maps ever released call of duty mobile

1. Oasis

In this 2022, folder Oasis is rumored to be doingcomeback“. Yes, before folder CODM this has appeared at the time alpha test Call of Duty mobile last year 2022. However, when COD mobile officially launched, folders This COD is not included.

Folder Oasis carries the background of a hotel in Dubai. During play you can take advantage of alleys and alleys to hide from enemy pursuit. To finish off the enemy you can also make traps in the corners of the area.

2. Highrise

On season 8th year 2022 ago, Call of Duty Mobile presents a new map called Highrise adapted from games COD Modern Warfare 2. Highrise is folder CODM multiplayer which uses skyscraper construction sites as war sites.

At this location there is a runway helipad which you can use to target the enemy from a height. Meanwhile, local building construction can also be used to protect against enemy attacks.

3. Hackney Yard

Not much different from folder Highrise, Hackney Yard have also been present in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Hackney Yard was released on CODM season 12 which launched with a number of new characters and weapons.

Similar to Hackney Yard in CODM Modern Warfare, Hackney Yard version mobile also present together night mode-his. Hackney Yard is considered a fairly broad game map with an industrial theme.

So, don’t be surprised when you enter folder Here you will see typical industrial objects such as factories, warehouses, and cargo containers.

4. Scrapyard

Scrapyard first appeared at MW2 in 2009. Folder this one also reappeared in the latest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and entered the Spec Ops co-op mode. In Call of Duty mobile the third season, Scrapyard becomes folder CODM MP first released.

As folder CODM medium-sized, Scrapyard allows players to firefight in close quarters. Some of the surrounding buildings can also be used as a playground if you want to create a more intense battle.

5. Nuketown

at COD mobile, folder Nuketown is one of the folder which is played a lot. Its narrow size makes playing at Nuketown look more challenging. Besides the layout compound which is made symmetrical and similar makes the players have to rack their brains to avoid enemy fire.

Oh yeah, did you know that Nuketown COD mobile this is inspired by the movie Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull? For those of you who have watched the film, you must be familiar with the atmosphere folder Nuketown.

One more unique info from Nuketown is one of the houses in folder it’s made to look like Brady Bunch’s house, i.e sitcom America which had aired in 1969-1974 on the ABC channel.

6. Firing Range

In general, size folder Firing Range is quite wide, but shooting range from near and far can be done here. When you play in folder CODM this one, it is highly recommended to use a weapon assault rifle.

In the Firing Range you will find a forbidden area that can increase the death rate, namely an open area located in the middle folder. Make sure you avoid the area or you will become an easy target for the enemy. If you have to go through it, use smoke which can cover the opponent’s view.

7. Kill House

For those of you who like challenges, you can try folder this one. Size folder Killhouse is fairly narrow because it is located in one building. Even so, that doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance to win.

The first tip for those of you who fight in Killhouse is to use melee specialist weapons such as MSMC, shotgunand PDW 57. Another type of weapon that can be used to kill multiple opponents in folder Killhouse is sniper.

To make your weapon more complete, use it trip mine—mine-type grenade capable of killing enemies in an instant. A narrow play area is not a reason to stay in place. If you don’t want to get hit rushdon’t hesitate to move forward, especially if you equip yourself with melee specialist weapons.

8. Crossfire

Crossfire is one of them folder CODM the fun one. In the arena of this game you will find many buildings to hide and aim at enemies from a height. There are also several areas that you can use to do rush towards the enemy.

Want to know how to be a winner at folder Crossfire? Each weapon must have a different capacity. If you play in folder Crossfire, the most ideal weapon for this arena is assault and sniper considering these two weapons have a long shooting range with damage tall.

When you are a rusher, choose shotgun make mobility faster and powerful enough to finish off the opponent. You can also use additional weapons such as grenades and smoke grenades which can distract the opponent.

9. Raid

Folder Raid was present at COD mobile Indonesia and users mustdownload first if you want to play it. Uniquely, in folder CODM In this you can do long-range and close combat in one location.

One of the main keys to winning the game in folder Raid is master spot-his. Spot what is meant here are the central areas located in the foldersuch as corners of alleys and houses located in the middle and corners folder.

In addition, you also need to rotate in a compact manner with other teammates. You can also do rush together to conquer the enemy.

10. Standoff

Last is folder Standoff. Tips for those of you who play in this area is never to move alone. As much as possible do a rotation with teammates wherever the route will be passed.

If there are members who want to separate for flanking, just one while the rest keep moving together. You can equip yourself with SMG type weapons or assault rifle. These two weapons are very suitable when used in folder Standoff.

codm multiplayer maps

That’s 10 folder CODM ever released complete with tips for playing at that location. Between 10 folder above, which arena have you tried?

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