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10 Best Websites for Legal Game Downloads

Download games It has become a common way to get a variety of games to satisfy a hobby. Unfortunately, not everyone chooses to download from game download website legal for a variety of reasons ranging from expensive to troublesome. In fact, downloading legally is more profitable because the games you get are original, quality, and don’t have any bugs as in pirated products.

Come on, appreciate the makers games by downloading from legal sites! Here are 10 sites to download games legally, cheaply, or even free!

1. Origin

legal game download website

You must be familiar with the name Electronic Arts (EA), the developer responsible for games like The Sims 4, Battlefield 4, Unravel, Rocket Arena, FIFA, Mirror’s Edge, and Plants VS Zombies. Apart from producing games, EA also manages Origin, a platform for downloading games.

Most of the Origin collection are, of course, EA games, but there are options from other studios as well, so you’re not short of alternatives. Here, you can taste games free, premium, or trial versions (trial) of the new titles released by EA.

2. Acid Play

online game download website

Acid Play is one of the pioneers of free legal game download websites for PC. Present since 2002, Acid Play is well-known as a provider of various games arcade old school, for example Sonic, Super Mario, Street Fighterand Stick Soldiers. There are also various board games such as Checkers Bob 3D Monopoly Deluxeand Mayura Chess Board.

Looking at the types of games on offer, Acid Play is suitable for those of you who like casual games arcade old school or flash games relaxed. The type of game that is suitable for passing time in a relaxed manner without thinking too hard.

3. GOG

cheap game downloads

Want to buy online games with relatively cheap prices but the same quality as physical products? Try dropping by at GOG, the site cheap game downloads no DRM load (Digital Rights Management). Some types of games here are paid, but you get full ownership like if you buy a physical product. The game is yours forever after download!

GOG also has a catalog system based on price categories, from under 25, 15, 10, to 5 US Dollars. There are also various free games such as The Caligula Effect, Darq: The Tower, Beneath A Steel Sky, Eschalon: Book 1and Shadow Warrior Classic. Some games feature their demo versions for free so you can try them out before you buy.

4. Epic

download legal games

Who doesn’t know the Epic Games Store? This is one of the popular places to download top PC-only games. Every week, you’ll be treated to a variety of new games in the catalog, so you won’t be bored. Types of free games here for example Rogue Company, Star Trek Online, Fortnite, Path of Exile, Magic the Gathering Arenaand The Cycle.

Paid games here cost an average of 10 to 40 US Dollars. However, Epic often holds promotions and discounts, for example on Halloween. Paid games that are here for example Red Dead Redemption, Dead Cells, GTA 5, and Football Manager.

5. Microsoft Store

microsoft games download

Want a place download legal games which is suitable for PC? Just once visit the Microsoft Store. This is where to download the game puzzle and popular strategies suitable for relaxing, such as Plants VS Zombies, Ninja Village, Angry Birds, and gardenscape. If you’re the type who prefers a challenge, don’t miss games like PUBG and WW2 US Army Commando Survival Battleground.

The Microsoft Store is also a place to download popular strategy games like Age of Civilization. Finally, if you are among those who follow hype game Plague, Incyou can download it on the Microsoft Store.

6. Garena

Garena online games

Garena is not only a place to download games, but also one of the organizers of events e-sports in South East Asia. You can not only download games for PC, but also for mobile phones. Games that can be downloaded include Call of Duty Mobile, League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth, PUBG Lite, Contra Returns, Arena of Valor, Free Fire and Point Blank.

The collection of games at Garena is actually relatively small. However, you can choose this if you like MMORPGs or are interested in events e-sports.

7. Steam

Steam games online

True gamers are no stranger to Steam. Online game download website It is famous for its collection of top paid and free games. The products they provide include: Dota Counter Strike World of Warships Black Desertand Beyond the Wire. Even better, the price of paid games is listed in Rupiah, so you don’t have to worry about calculating how much you have to spend.

Steam also provides many free games. If you want to try premium games for free, don’t miss the chance to win access key for the sake of playing premium products at no cost.

8. Green Man Gaming

green man game

Green Man Gaming not only provides “regular” PC games, but also features VR. You can explore various popular games from Rocketstar, Sony, Activision, and EA. Popular games available include Dota, World of Tanks, and Fortnite. You can also access the community forums for lots of tips, or join the Green Team as a streamer.

9. Game Jolt

gamejolt download game

Like indie games? Jolt Games is a great place to hunt for both free and paid games. Here, you can access unique games like The Trench, Soul Invasion, and Nyanroo the Supercat. The types also vary, ranging from puzzleRPG, horror, to adventure.


download games online for free

Just like Jolt Game, also provides games indie. The difference is, options on are also available for mobile phones as well as web-based games for those who don’t want to pile on a lot files on the computer. Horror is one of the most popular categories on, with options like Never Apart, Wrong Floor, Dreaderand Inside.

Game download websites cheap and legal suitable to satisfy your desire to play without feeling guilty. Make sure to respect the developers games by downloading via the various sites above!

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