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10 Best Stunt Cars In Burnout Paradise

Burnout Paradise is a racing game genre that has recently become popular, this game is filled with various locations to perform amazing stunts. The series itself always features cool mobiles that look a lot like real cars.

Burnout Paradise also divides its vehicles into three categories, namely, stunt, aggression, and speed. As expected, the stunt-boosted car is better for dealing with the various stunt events located throughout Paradise City.

It’s also sometimes useful for racing as its excellent handlers can be useful for navigating narrower roads, as well as being very useful for finding shortcuts. Well, in this article we will provide a list of the best mobile stunts in Burnout Paradise. What is it about? Let’s just take a look below.

10. Carbon Hydros Custom

Some cars have carbon variations of their standard, which means that they operate slightly differently. For example, the Carbon Hydros Custom is equipped with a stunt boss instead of a speed one, and also rear-wheel drive instead of front-wheel drive, making it better for drifting.

This mobile takes a lot of work to unlock because you have to beat all of them Showtime Road Rulesof which there are 64. Fortunately, the speed and boost are more compatible with late-game mobile cars, so this car can balance its status.

9. Burnout Roadster

This upgraded version of the R-Turbo Roadster comes with a Burnout 2-themed theme painted as well as an extra speed slot. This car may still be a bit weak for racing, but its small size makes it very useful for finding shortcuts.

After all, it is one of the best stunt cars as it has spectacular handling and great acceleration. This car is very good for jumping over ramps at the top of parking lots because its high acceleration allows you to increase your speed in tight spaces.

8. Ikusa GT

The Ikusa GT seems to take inspiration from the real-world mobile Nissan Skyline, and is set to do the best stunts possible. This comes in handy when you consider how early the game you can unlock.

Although it is a bit heavier than some other stunt cars, the weight of this Ikusa GT can make it easier to control.

As a result, the Ikusa has become a favorite vehicle for players who like to drift, and is also a great choice for newcomers to the racing genre as it is known to be very balanced.

7. Opus XS

Opus XS is one of the best stunt cars in Burnout Paradise. It may feel like it was designed for cruising rather than jumping, but this car really does benefit, and makes it easier to pull off stunts.

Not only that, it’s also very useful for split ramps, and the shape of the Opus means that it’s one of the best cars for barrel rolls. In fact, you can do two or even three of the same jumps if you find the right path.

6. Touge Criterion

The Touge Criterion uses the Touge Sport, an excellent sports car, and applies a theme painted to give the Criterion an impressive look, not to mention its solid drive.

But the most important thing is to keep the exhaust very loud, so you can be deafening when you try to use it for racing.

Criterion is designed to be better in handling to compensate for the power of the new boost, which means you can do some very fast drifts while still maintaining control.

5. GT Flame

The GT Flame is potentially the best car in the game, in a similar vein to RoadSlayer Wreckfest, it has incredible speed and boost and excellent handling, especially for a muscle car, so it’s perfect for tackling a variety of stunt challenges.

This car is also quite strong, maybe even good enough to use in Road Rage events if you feel confident. After all, this car has a high enough speed to keep up with the competition.

4. Carbon X12

This carbon fiber version of the X12 is awarded for completing all jump stunts in Burnout Paradise. Actually this car is faster than other X12 models because it has high speed and boost, and somehow this car also has better handling.

It may have one more power point than the other X12s as well, but it’s still not recommended to use it in Road Rage or Marked Man events as you’re more likely to win through luck than skill, especially against Inferno Van.

3. Carbon berschall 8

Usually berschall cars are built for speed (according to a Le Mans-inspired design), but this Carbon version is more set towards stunts and even has an appropriate boost system.

In fact, this handling improvement arguably makes it better than other berschall cars when doing regular races, and can activate a boost at any time, so you can control it at high speed.

2. P12 88 Special

There is a reason why this car has the name “88”. Because the car was designed like the DeLorean from Back to the Future, and so faithful because it had a plutonium reactor, a huge exhaust, and even a split window.

It’s not just the visuals that are interesting. But the boosting also causes the tire tracks to light up and the P12 can actually “fly”, even though the car is just hovering over the road. So, this car is very capable of performing stunning stunts.

1. Hawker Solo

The Hawker Solo is a compact coupe that is both fast and agile. This car is one of the best cars and is perfect for performing some of the more complicated stunts in the game.

Its power is slightly below average, but otherwise, the Solo is a perfect stunt car, and it still needs a few more knocks to make it look stunning.

Apart from that, Hawker Solo is also arguably the best theme painted in Burnout Paradise, as the in-game description says, “no one will get a chance to see it while you fly.”

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