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10 Best PS Now Open World Games in 2022

Open world games have become a favorite genre for most gamers, and it’s not hard to understand their interest. Done right, these games offer an unbeatable level of freedom in that players are placed on a large map and told to go wherever they want.

If you subscribe to PlayStation Now, you can have a huge library featuring hundreds of games, and the open world genre is part of that category. Due to its sheer size, open world games are always a timeink.

Diving into one of these representatives of the subgenre means that next month will be dominated by that game, and it’s on the short end of the spectrum. For those of you who are struggling to choose what to play on PlayStation, here are the recommendations for the best open world games in 2022.

10. Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the best PS4 exclusive games now available on PlayStation Now. The game is set in the distant future when humanity has been in decline for centuries and Earth has been ruled by nature and machines, Horizon Zero Dawn places players in a world full of danger, mystery, and of course beautiful scenery.

You will take on the role of Aloy, starting out as an outsider but continuing to grow more entrenched in this political climate and social era. This open world game with stunning visuals and consistently thematically presents an entertaining battle.

With Horizon Forbidden West set to be released in February 2022, PS Now owners who haven’t experienced Aloy’s first adventure should play this game first. Because knowing the storyline of a game is quite important.

9. Yakuza 5

Yakuza games prove that size doesn’t matter when it comes to sandbox or open world games. The current fifth-entry map may be eclipsed by subsequent entries, but it’s also a significant step forward for the franchise.

The game features 5 cities, Yakuza 5 divides the beat of the story with exploratory sections designed to immerse the player into the game world. In general, this means there will be a lot of mini games and side content.

Like other entries in the series, Yakuza 5’s “optional” content complements and enhances the main storyline, helping to build stronger relationships not only with the characters but also with the environment they live in.

8. The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited

The Elder Scrolls Online has grown to become one of the best MMORPG games on the market, with its newest expansion, Blackwind, coming out last June 2022. ESO: Tamriel Unlimited only provides access to basic content, so it doesn’t have much material, however, the game should keep players busy for a few months.

Those of you who want to fully immerse yourself in this MMORPG will eventually have to move from PS Now and get the Gold Edition game or buy Tamriel Unlimited along with ESO Plus.

Some gamers may not be sure if they want to fully commit to this grand venture, but Tamriel Unlimited serves as a fantastic way to make that decision.

7. Mafia: Definitive Edition

This game, which takes place in the 1930s in Lost Heaven, Illinois, is a strange open world game. On the one hand, the gangster title painstakingly brings the setting to life in a way that will transport players into the Prohibition Era.

Lost Heaven is a sight to behold, a location bursting with color, personality, and complexity.

That said, there’s not much to do in the open world if you’re outside of story missions. As such, Lost Heaven is a city that “begs” to be explored but offers nothing to explore. Fortunately, this Mafia plot is quite good.

6. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

For its fifth main entry, Metal Gear Solid explores the open world phenomenon, creating a gameplay-focused experience. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain takes place in a large and mostly barren wasteland, which is filled with goals for Venom Snake to purge at his own discretion.

Elements such as a day and night cycle and a non-linear approach to mission selection complement the game’s hands off approach and flexible gameplay options, as do the multiple ways to traverse the map. The Phantom Pain is a unique Metal Gear Solid game.

5. Red Faction: Guerrilla Re-MARS-tered

Originally released in 2009, Red Faction: Guerrilla lives and dies with its stellar destruction abilities. Few gameplay loops are as satisfying as swinging a massive hammer through the structures of colonized Mars, leaving destruction in your wake.

The addition of Re-MARS didn’t bring any new content, they chose to polish the visuals and improve performance. While this results in a remaster that has the same flaws as the original, it also retains the exact same strengths. Red Faction: Guerrilla Re-MARS-tered offers simple yet effective fun.

4. Saints Row 4: Re-Elected

With the reboot of Saints Row, it’s a great time to revisit previous franchise entries. Saints Row 4 takes care of the wind and is totally over the top, throwing away any semblance of realism along the way. Aliens trap the heroes in a simulated version of Steelport.

Saint Row 4 is a superhero game that carries an open world that is played like a mixture of Crackdown and Infamous. This map is essentially identical to Saints Row: The Third, so its main selling point is the overwhelming number of ways players can interact with the world.

3. Need for Speed ​​Rivals

Open world games tend to be RPG and adventure genres, but PS Now’s Library has no shortage of variety. Need for Speed ​​Rivals is a racing game that lets people play on both sides of the law, with Racers and Cops both having unique cars and upgradeable options.

Its open world allows for fast-launched races or chases, giving the game a sense of spontaneity that expands its replay value. There are also tons of vehicles to unlock and shortcuts to discover.

2. Infamous Second Son

All Infamous games on PS Now are worth playing. While Cole’s entries are also fun and generally highly rated, Second Son tends to be overlooked due to its early release in the PS4 cycle.

Despite coming out within a year of the console’s release, Infamous: Second Son is still one of the best-looking games on PS4, and its Seattle iteration is outstanding.

As Delsin Rowe unlocks new powers and ways to interact with the world, Second Son grows into something truly special. It’s also a fairly short open world game, presenting a great alternative to RDR2 and Horizon Zero Dawn.

1. Batman: Arkham City

Rocksteady revitalized the superhero genre with its Arkham trilogy. Expanding deep into Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham City unleashes the Dark Knight in a massive prison that’s basically part of Gotham.

Although the story is fairly linear and can be completed in just 15 hours, Arkham City contains plenty of other activities to distract Batman, be it Riddler challenges or quests featuring villains like Deadshot.

Arkham City is a near-perfect open world game and shows that map usage is far more important than size.

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