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Will FF be Closed by the Government? Here's the Answer

will ff be closed by the government – Free Fire is one of the mobile-based games that is played by many people. This is not surprising, because the Free Fire game is indeed fun to play and also friendly for potato phones.

In Indonesia, Free Fire has a large fan and player base. Free Fire users are also spread from various circles, from small children to adults even though they also enliven the Free Fire game world.

However, this is precisely what causes unrest among Free Fire players. Because this game is apparently also often played by minors. Even though the content of this Free Fire game contains violence that is not good when seen and played by minors.

From that concern, news began to spread stating that the government would close the Free Fire game.

free fire is closed by the government
Will FF be Closed by the Government

This news spread on several websites and also social media accounts. Even the news about the closure or shut down of Free Fire has been spread by many people.

Free Fire Shut Down 2022

Not a bit of news circulating about shutting down the Free Fire game. As previously discussed, this news circulates from one website to various social media accounts. Even this news quickly spread, causing panic among Free Fire gamers who were not willing to close this game.

In the news circulating, it is stated that: Free Fire will be closed in 2022. After further investigation, it seems that the news circulating about the shutdown of Free Fire is a hoax.

Free Fire games and the like, which have scenes of violence, have been widely discussed by the public. The discourse about the closure of the Free Fire game by the Indonesian government also briefly blew up.

Will FF be deleted 2022?

If it is true that Free Fire will be closed, then what is the reason? If it’s about content that contains violence, then there will definitely be lots of similar games that will be shut down by the government.

However, in reality this Free Fire game can still be played. And there has also been no official notification from Garena regarding the shutdown of Free Fire.

So it can be ascertained that the news circulating regarding the shut down of Free Fire has been confirmed to be a hoax. Even if Free Fire will shut down, then Garena will give an official notification first. If you encounter news about Free Fire that will be closed, then you can ignore or even report the news.

So many articles that discuss whether Free Fire will be closed by this government. We hope that this article that we have written can answer your questions and at the same time straighten out the fake news or hoaxes circulating.

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