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What is a Mobile Legend Checker Account? Here's the Review

mobile legend checker account – Mobile Legends is a game with a lot of users, so this game automatically has a lot of users too.

And not infrequently this existing user account has a large number of heroes and skins. This is what drives the interest of hackers to steal Mobile Legends user account data.

Usually these hackers look for empas from other users’ Mobile Legends accounts by using the account dump hacking technique. With account dump they can get the email and password of another user’s ML account.

what is mobile legend checker account
Mobile Legend Checker Account

In launching the action, he also uses the Mobile Legends Checker Account tool. In this article, we will discuss what a Checker Account is and also how to use it.

What is a Mobile Legends Checker Account?

You can use your Mobile Legends checker account to check the status of your Mobile Legends account. The ML account referred to here is an ML account that is connected to the Moonton account.

You simply enter the empas consisting of a combination of email and password. Then the account checker will sort out which accounts can’t be used (die) and which ones can be used (live).

Usually, this ML Checker Account is used by hackers to sort out which accounts they can hack and which ones they can’t.

How to Use Checker Mobile Legen Accountetc

The following is how to use a Mobile Legends Checker Account:

  1. Open the chrome browser on your phone, then type “montoon checker”.
  2. After the search results appear, then you can choose Montoon Account Checker-HunterNbiz. Make sure you open HunterNbiz’s Account Checker.
  3. After that copy the empas you have and paste them in the empas list column.
  4. If you don’t have empas, then you can use free empas which can be downloaded at
  5. Open the zip file using an extractor application, such as ZArchiver. Enter the password “subscribe” (without the quotes) if prompted for a password.
  6. After that, open the file and copy the empas to the empas list column.
  7. Fill in the delimiter column with a colon ( : ).
  8. After that you can press the submit button and wait for the checking process to complete.
  9. After the check is complete, you can download the empas whose status is still live by pressing the Downlaod Live button

So much information about Checker Accounts that we can provide. Hopefully the information about Account Checker Mobile Legends this time can be useful for you.

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