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VPN Mobile Legends

Free & Unlimited VPN For Mobile Legends- It’s been trending lately, playing mobile legends with a VPN. There are so many benefits that we can get if we use a VPN when playing Mobile Legends

We can Push Rank/GB Rank quickly and get a noob opponent. Besides that, we can also GB MMR and GB savage easily, because the opponents we get when using vpn will be noob * but according to the server country

The advantages of using VPN Mobile Legends:

  1. Getting bot enemies
  2. can get free skins
  3. It’s easier to get to Mythic
  4. Can enter into advance server
  5. Log in to a country server that rarely has mobile legends players

Many mobile legends players are confused and ask questions. Which VPN for Mobile Legends? Well, that’s why now I want to discuss vpn vpn to play mobile legends which provides free and unlimited access.

Before that, let me tell you first, usually free & unlimited VPNs, the servers are a bit bad compared to paid VPNs, so sometimes free VPNs feel laggy. However, there is a trick so that the free VPN feels premium (paid). I’ll teach you the trick later

Recommended server country

VPN For Mobile Legends

Before you use VPN ML, you should first know what a VPN is. VPN stands for virtual private network. By using a VPN, the IP of the device you are using will pass through the VPN server first before going directly to the main server (mobile legends server). This will allow you to experience some of the benefits that I have described above

There are lots of VPNs in the play store. But the problem is, which is the best VPN for Mobile Legends? Well, this question will be answered in this article, so take a good look at the reviews

1. Turbo VPN

Turbo VPN provides services for free and Unlimited to you. The appearance of this VPN is uncomplicated and very very simple. There are lots of servers that you can enter to play mobile legends

This application has more than 100 million people who have downloaded and many have even proven the power of Turbo VPN. This is a VPN that you can use for free or paid. This may be the reason this application has many users.

And the size of the application is only 14 mb, very light of course when used on phones that have even small RAM.

Now specifically for Turbo VPN, there is a tutorial on how to play mobile legends in full. see how to play Mobile Legends on Indian, Japanese, etc. Servers with a VPN

NameTurbo VPN
Minimum Android Versionvaried
Number of Installs100million+
linkDownload turbo VPN

2. VPN Monster

This free and unlimited VPN is suitable for playing mobile legends. The appearance of this VPN is very simple and not complicated. How to use it is also easy, namely select the server-then connect. There are lots of server locations that you can choose according to your wishes.

This VPN can help you find easy enemies, and can be used to find free skins in Mobile Legends

NameVPN Monster
Minimum Android Versionvaried
Number of Installs10 million+
LinkDownload VPN Monster

3. Touch VPN

As the name implies, how to use touch VPN, just click, connect directly. The display is equally easy and not confusing, there are even data usage statistics that can let you know how many MB the data usage is. Server locations also vary, you just have to choose.

Well, as I said above, I want to share how to make a Free VPN feel like a paid VPN. The trick is to eliminate VPN lag in Mobile Legends in a way that you can read in 2 Effective Ways to Overcome VPN Lag in Mobile Legends.

NameTouch VPN
Minimum Android Version4.2
Number of Installs10 million+
LinkDownload Touch VPN

4. VPN Hub

This Mobile Legends VPN that is the easiest to use is a VPN hub. By using this application you can change your IP.

The features of this application include local vpn servers, military grade encryption, hide your IP and location, bypass site blocking and for sure if you use public networks such as public wifi it will be more secure.

This vpn application also supports all games, can be used for Mobile Legends. especially for tricks to get bots, GB MMR, GB Rank etc

There are two versions if you want to use this VPN, there is a pro version and there is a free version but it is limited to the transfer server.

NameVPN Hub
Minimum Android Version7.0
Number of Installs10 million+
LinkDownload VPN Hub

5. VPN Booster

VPN ML Bot is indeed widely used to get lots of bot enemies that are easy to beat. This VPN has many choices of servers which will later find a lot of bot enemies, so it’s easier for you to get to mythic.

It doesn’t even have to be difficult to use an overpowered hero. Using ordinary heroes can also win, if you can find your team

The advantage of this application is that it is very easy to use, there are dozens of servers available

It’s even an anti-lag ML VPN, because mostly if you use a VPN connection to play Mobile Legends, if the network isn’t good, you can immediately red ping and the lag is severe. But if VPN Booster can still run smoothly.

NameVPN Booster
Minimum Android Version5.0
Number of Installs500 thousand+
LinkDownload VPN Booster

6. Speedy Quark VPN

The expression in this application is connection security and server speed that is guaranteed to be faster than other VPN applications. This VPN Mobile Legends is indeed feasible to use and indeed the server speed is no longer in doubt.

This can be seen from the number of downloads in the playstore which have reached 1 million downloads. Very popular isn’t it?

The features of this VPN are also very complete, for example, there are more than 30 servers in various countries in the world.

In addition, the connection is indeed faster than other VPN connections. This can be obtained when playing mobile legends with an Indian server and the ping obtained is still around 70 to 90 ms. The size of the application is also very light and will not even burden your phone.

7. Thunder VPN

It has been used by more than 10 million users, of course it can be said to be the best VPN. The tagline of this VPN is where the promotion relies on fast connections and very secure servers.

And even in it itself there are already various servers from leading countries. For example, Singapore, India, etc., which are one of the mainstay servers for VPN players.

NameThunder VPN
Minimum Android Version4.1
Number of Installs10 million+
LinkDownload Thunder VPN

8. VPN Master

If you want something free, you can just use this VPN master. There is no package in it, but everything is free. But the drawback is that there will be a lot of ads that appear in it, besides that there are very few server choices.

But if you can only rely on it as VPN Mobile Legends against bots, you can just try it by connecting it to a country that rarely has Mobile legends players, for example India, Poland, Egypt, Myanmar etc.

NameVPN Master
Minimum Android Version4.1
Number of Installs50 million+
LinkDownload VPN Master

9. Tom VPN

Free and no-frills any paid packages in this application. But it’s still the same as the one above, if the name is free, of course there will be limited features. And the server selection is incomplete.

The size of the application is about 18 MB and has even gotten 100 thousand downloads on the playstore. I still recommend it enough for you to try, considering that this VPN Mobile legends is free and lightweight

NameTom VPN
Minimum Android Version4.1
Number of Installs100 thousand+
LinkDownload Tom VPN

10. Turbo VPN Lite

still the same as Turbo VPN, but only a small version. While the existing features are only reduced on the server only. It is suitable for phones with low ram as the app size is only 5 MB.

Suitable for those of you whose cellphones have a small ROM. You can still GB rank, GB MMR, or get bot opponents in Mobile legends without worrying too much about storage capacity

NameTurbo VPN Lite
Minimum Android Versionvaried
Number of Installs10 million+
LinkDownload Turbo VPN Lite

11. Tunnel Bear VPN

There are many advantages that you will get if you use this VPN. Besides already supporting many servers, you can also connect them with one tap. Or it can also be automated to point to the best running server.

The application size is about 18 MB and it is easy to use, not too heavy and the network security is guaranteed.

This application has been downloaded by more than 10 million android users, this can be seen from the number of downloads in the playstore.

NameTunnel Bear VPN
Minimum Android Versionvaried
Number of Installs10 million+
LinkDownload Tunnel Bear VPN

12. Phone Guardian VPN

It has been downloaded by more than 10 million people and is also the best Mobile Legends VPN. Very safe and easy to use, especially if you’re just looking for bot opponents. The size of the application is about 18 mb only. So it’s very light to use on potato phones though.

13. VPN Tomato

The size of the application, which is only 19 MB, has been downloaded by more than 50 million people. This proves that this VPN is very light to use and does not cause any lag. And after I tried it didn’t cause any lag, the ping was still smooth when used to play Mobile Legends.

There are also many server options. Besides that, it is also free and there are no ads that appear in this VPN application.

NameTomato VPN
Minimum Android Version5.0
Number of Installs50 million+
LinkDownload VPN Tomato

14. Melon VPN

This Melon VPN application size is 27 MB and it is larger than other VPN applications. But it’s also good to use if your cellphone’s ram is also moderate. The version is free and easy to use, enough to switch Mobile Legends servers outside our country.

NameMelon VPN
Minimum Android Version5.0
Number of Installs10 million+
LinkDownload Melon VPN

15. Free VPN

This VPN has indeed been used by 5 million people and after I saw the features it turned out to be quite interesting. There are many choices for the server itself, but only the size of this application is larger than other applications. about 16 MB.

This is quite large for a VPN app class. But for today’s cellphones, this size certainly doesn’t really fulfill your cellphone.

NameFree VPN
Minimum Android Version5.0
Number of Installs5 million+
LinkFree VPN Download

16. VPN Proxy Master Lite

this one is similar to VPN master, but specifically for the mobile version that uses only light ram. It has been downloaded by more than 5 million people. The existing features are also quite complete and easy to connect to the server.

17. Ultimate VPN

The size is about 11 MB and has been downloaded by more than 10 million android users. Very suitable for the best Mobile Legends VPN seekers. A complete server with a fast and easy way of connecting, besides that it can be used for free.

NameUltimate VPN
Minimum Android Version4.3
Number of Installs10 million+
LinkDownload VPN Ultimate


VPN Mobile Legends is a technique to make our IP so that it is not detected by the server from Moonton. Even if you use a VPN Mobile Legends auto win, you can continue to winstreak to mythical glory. It’s different when you play in a normal way and don’t use a VPN, which only often meets players on one original server. There are many advantages when you use VPN ML

So that’s Free & Unlimited Mobile Legends VPN, you can download one of them. By using this Mobile Legends VPN you can get many benefits. Starting from getting free skins, getting bot enemies and you can get enemies that are nub and easy to beat.

Don’t forget to leave a trail in the form of any comments below yaa

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