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Updates! 12 Strongest, Sickest & Best Genshin Impact Characters

In addition to stunning graphics and cool graphics, Genshin Impact also has many characters with various skills and advantages of each. Among the many characters, there are some who are often referred to as the best Ganshin Impact characters.

Of course, the more characters Genshin Impact The strongest you have, the easier the adventures and missions will be. Well, if you have just played Genshin Impact, here are some lists of Genshin Impact characters that must be obtained and upgraded.

12 Best, Sick & Strongest Genshim Impact character recommendations

Now for those of you who want to know the strong, sick & best genshin impact character, I have some recommendations for genshin impact characters for you

what are the characters?

1. Ganyu

genshin impact weapon hurts

The strongest Genshin Impact character can be used as the main or second DPS. The DPS character itself is a character who can give the strongest damage compared to other characters in the party, whose job is to eradicate the enemies.

Well, one of the best damage dealers in Genshin Impact is Ganyu, a Cyro character who uses arrows as his weapon. Besides being able to be used as support, Ganyu has a Charged Attack whose damage is equivalent to the ultimate of other characters.

Ganyu(5)Play DPSBowCryo (ice)

2. Zhongli

strongest impact genshin element

The next best Genshin Impact character is Zhongli, a character that is flexible and multifunctional because it can be used in various battlefields. It was so powerful, many players regretted missing the Zhongli banner.

Zhongli is an Archon Geo, besides being able to be used as support, this character can also be a DPS because it can produce strong damage. Moreover, Zhongli’s abilities are getting better and better, namely in the 1.3 update.


3. Klee

best genshin impact character

Klee is a Main DPS character who has powerful skills. This character uses a Catalyst weapon and can deal a lot of damage with his high elemental abilities

The damage produced by this character can make the enemy die quickly because it can produce continuous damage / spam skills. The burst time lag is only 5 seconds, so it’s highly recommended for you to use

Klee(5)Min DPSCatalystPyro (fire)

4. Bennett

the strongest best 4 star bennett

The sickest and strongest genshin impact characters don’t only come from 5-star ones, there are also 4-star characters with strong & sick damage. Bennett is one of the most suitable genshin impact characters. Because he is easy to get and has high damage

Bennett has the ability to fire and has an explosion skill that can blindly attack enemies. In my opinion, this character is quite recommended to be upgraded to a higher level.

Bennett(4)UtilitySwordPyro (fire)

5. Diluc

tier genshin impact latest 4 stars 5

Diluc is one of the strongest Genshin Impact 5 star characters, who has the Pyro element and uses claymore as his weapon. This character is highly favored as a DPS because it has Pyro vision and claymore weapons which do have great damage. you can read the best, strongest & sickest genshin impact weapons for weapon recommendations to be funny

Thanks to this skill, Diluc can generate elementary reactions such as Melt and Vaporize, which can increase damage up to 20 times. Guaranteed, with the large damage it produces, the party that has Diluc in it can crush the enemy quickly.

Diluc(5)Play DPSClaymorePyro (fire)

6. Tartaglia

latest tier genshin impact

The next best Genshin Impact character is Tartaglia, a character with Hydro element and uses arrows as his weapon. In addition to being able to provide fast and deadly attacks, Tartaglia is also able to attack enemies from a distance and up close.

As a Hydro, Tartaglia is also very suitable to be used as the main DPS, moreover it can trigger a Vaporize reaction. Tartaglia with its maximum strength can produce damage that reaches hundreds of thousands to millions.

Tartaglia(5)Play DPSBowHydro (water)

7. Xiao

xiao build hurts

The next best Genshin Impact character is Xiao, one of the newest characters to appear in version 1.3. Xiao has the Anemo element and uses a polearm as his main weapon. Of course, you can use this character as a damage dealer or DPS in your party.

Xiao(5)Play DPSPolearmAnemo (wind)

8. Keqing

the best 5-star character genshin impact

Then there is Keqing, the 5-star character of Genshin Impact who is made Waifu by many Genshin Impact users. In addition to his cute and sweet looks, Keqing can also be relied on to be DPS, because it can produce sick damage.

Keqing himself is an Electro character and uses a sword to slash his enemies. Although not relying on elemental reactions, Keqing is able to outperform other elements such as Cyro, Geo, Pyro to Hydro.

Keqing(5)Play DPSSwordElectro (electric)

9. Ningguang

genshin impact character tier

Ningguang is one of the strongest 4-star Genshin Impact characters, who is also the most important character in the Liyue Arc. In the Genshin Impact storyline, Ningguang is the leader and ruler of Qixing City.

This character can be relied on as the main or second DPS in the party, because it can produce great damage. The good news is that it is very easy to upgrade the Ningguang constellation, allowing players to quickly increase their strength.

Ningguang(5)Play DPSCatalystGeo(stone)

10. Fischl

genshin impact character hurts

The Genshin Impact character with the most damage that you can try to get next is Fischl. Fischl is an Electro character and uses arrows as his main weapon, of course he can be relied on to produce strong damage.

Interestingly, besides being able to be used as DPS with Physical Attack, this character is also no less good to be used as support. If you have got it, don’t forget to keep increasing it to the maximum, which is up to C6.

So, if you don’t have too many DPS options to take to Spiral Abyss, Fischl can be a great choice. Spiral Abyss itself requires 2 DPS to be completed easily and quickly.

Fischl(4)Sub DPSBowElectro (electric)

11. Razor

best genshin impact character

Razor is also one of the best Genshin Impact characters, especially if you don’t have a lot of DPS type characters. Yes, Razor can indeed be used as an alternative or second DPS, especially if you want to explore the Spiral Abyss safely and successfully.

Razor himself is a character with the element of Electro and uses a sword as his weapon. One of the main advantages of this character is its fast attacks, which can kill enemies in a few seconds.

Razor(4)Play DPSClaymoreElectro (electric)

12. Kaeya

4-star genshin impact character

Not all of the best Genshin Impact characters are obtained from gacha, because there are also free characters that are very worthy of upgrading. For example, Kaeya, one of the best free Genshin Impact characters that you can get through the prologue quest at the beginning of the game.

Well, if you haven’t gotten Ganyu yet, then you can consider increasing Kaeya’s level to the maximum. Kaeya is Cyro’s strongest DPS after Ganyu, so it can be an alternative if you haven’t gotten Ganyu.

If built to the maximum, Kaeya can produce a critical rate that reaches 40%, especially when the enemy is frozen. You can arm Kaeya with Black Sword or Prototype Rancour to get more damage.

Kaeya(4)Sub DPSSwordCyro (ES)

The best Genshin Impact characters are always synonymous with damage dealers or DPS, namely characters that can produce strong damage. Well, in addition to DPS, you have to balance the party, don’t forget to include support and healers in order to complete the mission successfully.

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