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Tutorial on Setting GLtools Mobile Legends on 512mb & 1GB Ram

What is gLtools? settings for gltools mobile legends?

Gltools is an application to reduce the quality of graphics in a game to make it more friendly to your cellphone.

GLtools is usually used to overcome lag in games that are a bit heavy. Well this time we will discuss how and setting gltools to overcome Lag in Mobile Legends with Powerful

Is GLtools safe for mobile legends?

yaaaa as long as you don’t cheat Mobile legends, I’m sure it’s safe. But there is news, “he said” that GLtools can create a banned account.

it still says status, and later I will show you tips to keep it safe from getting banned (if any)

How to Setting GLtools Mobile Legends

This time, we want to share with you guys, how to get rid of lag in Mobile legends with the following GL tools settings.

The method is quite easy, but again for those whose cellphones are not rooted, this method cannot be used. You have to root your cellphone first

1.Download GL Tools

The first thing you have to prepare is the GLtools application.

Attention!!: This app requires access Roots. so that the cellphone is not rooted, you can’t use this application. If you want to root your cellphone, you can consider the effects and methods on Google

Download GLtools Free

after you install it, proceed to the second method

2. Using & setting GLtools

First, turn off mobile data first take care

proceed by opening the GLtools application. Check allclick Installgive root access

gltools root settings

After that you Search & open the Mobile Legends application in GLtools. There are settings that you have to change, luckily I have prepared the following settings for the mobile legends gl tools

please adjust the GLtools settings in your application with the following settings. If there aren’t some gltools settings here, then skip it.

Enable Custom Settings :
Anti-Alliasing : Disable (forced)
Use Lower Render Resolution : 1x (disabled)
Optimize GLSL Shaders :
Enable Texture Decompression : All
Enable Texture Recompression : All
Downscale Texture : 0.5x
Use Fake GPU Info :
Use Fake CPU/Ram Info :
Use a template: GPU: Adreno 530
Use a template: CPU: 8CPUs
Use a template: RAM: 8GB

the last 3 settings are in the “Use Fake GPU/CPU/GPU Info” option. so in that option you can choose 3 options at once

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3. Done

After that, it’s time for you to turn on your cellular data again and try to open Mobile Legends

Maybe there will be a slight impact where the graphics are a bit down in quality, but that’s why your Mobile Legends won’t lag anymore

With the GLtools settings above, you can enjoy playing ML without any lag.

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What If Force Close?

For those of you who open mobile legends there is a force close because of the settings above. I suggest setting one of the following settings

Use Fake CPU/Ram Info : –

description: the settings above do not need to be used / returned to normal if Mobile legends force close

or if you use the method above, I recommend you to try 7 MOBA games for 512 MB small RAM other than mobile legend so you can still play Moba games without lag

Can this setting work for all cellphones?

Yup, all cellphones can, from 512MB or 1GB Ram, you can, as long as they are rooted

Are there any risks from Gltools

As long as the settings aren’t weird, it’s okay, it’s safe

Those are the Gltools settings and how to use them that I have given. May be useful

good luck

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