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Tips for Choosing the Best Card for Mobile Legends Anti LAG

Choosing the Best Card For Mobile Legends – There are so many cases of mobile legends that lag because of the sim card. If the quality of the sim card network in your area is poor, it will definitely cause lag.

Usually, lag due to sim card, because the network card in the area is weak. However, a strong signal can also cause lag. Why? because there are so many provider users in the area, thus reducing the network quality of the sim card provider

Different area, different taste. If you use a Telkomsel simcard in the Bandung area and the results are smooth, not necessarily in other areas it will be smooth too. Choosing a sim card for mobile legends is very important. Because it can overcome lag when playing mobile legends. If you often lag when playing mobile legends, maybe one of the factors is choosing the wrong sim card

Before discussing, make sure that the HP specs are qualified to play mobile legends, because what causes lag, maybe your cellphone, not the simcard.

So, how to choose the best and anti-lag simcard for mobile legends?

How to Choose the Best Sim Card to Play Mobile Legends

Not all sim cards are good for playing mobile legends. it all depends on the availability and quality of the network in your respective area. Maybe those who live in remote areas, this can be very useful tips for you guys

then how to choose the best card for Mobile legends? here’s the trick

1. Use the card with the best signal in your area

best connection ml

In some areas, not all sim cards have a signal. So you have to choose which simcard you should use

One of the characteristics that the card signal in your area is good, is by looking at the availability of 4G signals. If in your area there is a sim card whose signal is 4G, you can be sure the signal is good.

Maybe those who live in urban areas where all cards have a signal. You just skip this step.

Maybe if you find a good sim card in another area, try sharing in the comments below. Who knows, people who live in the same area as you will benefit.

2. Use a sim card that has few users in your area

The Best Cards for Mobile Legends

It’s useless if the signal is full, but many use it. Why? The more users of a card in an area, the quality will also decrease, including the stability and speed of the internet.

It’s okay to use a card that’s half signal, but has fewer users. So, the stability and speed is still good.

3. Pay attention to the type of internet package

Internet FUP

There is a close relationship between choosing a card and choosing an internet package for mobile legends. Because, if the internet package is wrong, it might cause lag when playing on mobile legends.

Internet packages that you should avoid, namely, Unlimited internet packages that have been exposed to FUP or exceed the reasonable limit. Actually, if it has not exceeded the reasonable limit / FUP, it’s okay. What should be avoided is the unlimited internet package that has exceeded the reasonable limit/FUP

Why? because the unlimited internet package that has exceeded the reasonable limit / FUB will reduce the speed to only a few kbps

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4. check 4G signal availability

The Best Cards for Mobile Legends

On average, when playing mobile legends using 4G it will feel smooth. So it is recommended to use a card that already has a 4G signal in your area

But wait a minute, not all 4G signals have good internet stability and speed. For example, Indosat and Telkomsel for some big cities, the 4G signal is not very good. But the possibility of lag when using a 4G signal is only a few percent.

Signal Less Stable? This is the solution

Well, if the signal in your area is less stable, there is a solution so that the signal can be stable. You do this by using the Ping Tools application. So, how it works, this application will send and receive data to a server regularly so that the connection will be stable

You can download ping tools pro for free at the link below

Download Ping Tools Pro Free

So how do you use it? It’s quite easy, just follow the steps below

The Best Cards for Mobile Legends

Still Lag When Playing Mobile Legends?

If the connection factor is OK, but why is it still lagging? it could be the HP factor. Well, actually, it’s easy to get rid of it, you can read the causes and solutions for lag here

Well, that’s how to choose the best card for mobile legends. Don’t forget to share signal conditions and good card suggestions in your area, because you will benefit others.

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