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This is the Latest No Grass PUBG Worth Trying

the latest no grass pubg – Grass or bushes can be quite annoying for PUBG Mobile players. Because this grass is a hiding place for enemies who might attack you suddenly.

The presence of grass that bothers some people makes them use various ways to get rid of the grass.

Fortunately, you can remove grass in PUBG Mobile if you feel that the presence of grass is not beneficial or disturbing.

latest pubg no grass

To remove grass in PUBG Mobile, most players will use a config file. In addition to using the config file, there is also another alternative, namely using an application called GL Tools.

PUBG No Grass Config File 0.18.0

Until now, there is no official config file that is safe to use to remove grass in PUBG Mobile. This is because there are differences in methods in PUBG 0.18.0, making the config file from the previous version inapplicable.

You also need to be careful if you want to install the no grass config file PUBG Mobile 0.18.0, because it has not been found with certainty a config file that really works without any risks such as bans or losing accounts.

Because currently the config file is still in the trial period, so for the time being you can remove the grass with the help of GL Tools.

No Grass PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 with GL Tools Latest

Here is how to remove grass with the help of GL Tools:

  1. Download and install the GL Tools application first. You can download it at
  2. The GL Tools application in general can only work on a rooted cellphone. For cellphones that are not rooted, you can install twrp so you can use this GL Tools.
  3. Open the GL Tool application and select PUBG Mobile.
  4. After that check the Enable custom settings for this app, then on the Enable texture decompression menu you can select All. Then select decompressed only on the Enable texture recompression menu.
  5. Change the Downscale textures value to Limit to 256×256.
  6. The setting process via GL Tools is also complete and you can open PUBG Mobile to try it immediately.

The results you get by using GL Tools are not as good as if you use the config file.

Even so GL Tools is good to use while waiting for the config file being tested. Good luck and be patient until the latest pubg mobile no grass config file arrives.

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