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This is the function of AG PUBG Mobile and how to use it

PUBG Mobile AG function – PUBG Mobile again brings up a new feature in its latest update, namely the AG feature. When you enter the latest PUBG Mobile game, you will find the AG button on the main page of the PUBG Mobile game.

This AG is located at the top and is next to the UC button and battle points. The existence of this AG might make you wonder what the use of the AG is.

If you don’t know how to use and how to use AG on the Internet, PUBG Mobilethen you can listen to the article below.

Uses of AG in PUBG Mobile

You can get this AG when you complete missions or special events. If you already have a sufficient number of AGs, then you can use those AGs to buy items.

PUBG Mobile AG Functions
PUBG Mobile AG Functions

Previously you might only be able to buy items using silver fragments, but now you can also buy them using AG. But apparently only certain items can be purchased using this AG.

Even so, there is nothing to lose if you collect as much AG as possible to buy available items. That way you can focus on collecting silver fragments to buy other items.

How to Get AG in PUBG Mobile

You can get AG by completing missions in the cartoon rangers event. One of the missions in the cartoon rangers event is to complete one battle match in any mode. If you successfully complete the mission, you will be awarded 10 AG.

In addition to the cartoon rangers event you can also get 20 AG if you successfully complete 6 missions. But if you can complete 18 missions in the cartoon rangers event, then you will also be rewarded with 40 AG.

You can also get AG by completing the missions in the achievements menu. In the achievement menu, there are several missions with prizes of AG, such as the desert tourist mission which has a prize of 150 Ag and also the mission on target III which has a prize of 200 AG.

How to Use AG in PUBG Mobile

  1. Enter the shop menu, then press the redemption button.
  2. After that select the item you want to buy using AG.
  3. Click the item and then press the AG button to see the purchase price of the item if purchased using AG.
  4. After you see the price of the item and the amount of AG you have sufficient, then all you have to do is click the buy button to buy it.

That’s the article that we can present about how to use and function AG PUBG Mobile. Hopefully the article about AG PUBG Mobile above can be useful for you.

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