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This is the fate of PUBG Mobile Season 13 Premium Chests

PUBG Premium Crate in Season 13 – A few days ago PUBG Mobile players were shocked by the loss of the Premium Crate feature. From the clarification on PUBG’s official Facebook account, it states that the Premium Chest feature will only be temporary, not permanent.

The post which was uploaded on June 2, 20120 says that Premium Chests will be absent for 19 days from this game.

That means Premium Chests will return to PUBG Mobile around June 21, 2022. And during the absence period Premium Chests are replaced by Custom Chests which have a similar concept.

PUBG Mobile Season 13 Premium Chests
PUBG Mobile Season 13 Premium Chests

It’s just that Custom Chests allow you to cross out unwanted items from the reward list. But to open these Custom Chests is not free like Premium Chests

. You need some UC if you want to open and get rewards in Custom Chests.

Fate of Premium Crate Season 13

As PUBG Mobile wrote in its Facebook post, you can still open Premium Chests in Season 13. You just have to wait until the time limit has been determined, which is 19 days from June 2, 2022.

Some players may feel disappointed with the decision to be absent from Premium Chests for 19 days. Because many players have decided to use the Premium Chest coupons that they have worked so hard to collect.

Free Premium Chest Coupon Season 13

The absence of Premium Chests for a while is actually a good opportunity for you to collect more coupons.

This time PUBG Mobile presents an event that can give you a free Premium Chest Coupon just by logging into the game. Here’s how to get the Season 13 Free Premium Chest Coupon:

  1. Open the Chicken Treasure event by pressing the Chicken Treasure event thumbnail in the main menu, located in the lower right corner.
  2. After that you will see a picture of a chicken in the lower right corner. Click the image of the chicken, then the words “Surprise Tap to Open” will appear.
  3. Tap the screen to unlock the surprise gifts you can get. If you are lucky then you can get free Premium Coupon.

That’s the article about Premium Crate Season 13 that we can present on this occasion. Hopefully this article that discusses Premium Chests Season 13 can be useful for you and other readers.

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