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There are 2 Most Effective Ways to Buff Opponents in Mobile Legends

You must know that there are at least 2 most effective ways to get rid of the opponent’s buff in Mobile Legends, what are the methods?

Troubling to help or take the opponent’s buff is one of the strategies in the Mobile Legends game.

This strategy can make the opponent’s core or jungler left behind in the early game and it is quite profitable for the opponent.

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Now about that, there are 2 ways to take the most effective opponent’s buff, at least what you can do. What are the ways?

Use Certain Heroes

Hero jungler op mobile legends
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There are several Mobile Legends heroes who can quickly buff opponents without retrieval at once. Call it like Hylos, Balmond, until Hanzo can take the opponent’s buff in seconds without retrieval.

Therefore, if you use heroes who can take your opponent’s buff quickly, you should take advantage of that ability.

Use Flameshot


The last way is to use Flameshot, this method can be done by anyone but is usually done by midlaner heroes.

Taking the opponent’s buff with flameshot really requires the right timing and also knowledge of how many seconds the opponent’s jungler hero finishes the buff.

Those are some ways you can do to take your opponent’s buff in MLBB games.

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