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The Lost PUBG Mobile Premium Crate is Back?

Premium Crate PUBG – Until now PUBG Mobile is still climbing the ranks of the most favorite games played by many people. Exciting games and stunning HD graphics are some of the reasons why this game is played by many audiences.

The features, items, and skins presented in PUBG also often spoil the players. Moreover, the Premium Crate feature is a favorite feature for many PUBG players.

But in the last few days, many PUBG players have complained about the loss of Premium Crate from their PUBG games.

Premium Crate

After being reported missing, apparently the Premium Crate is rumored to have returned to the PUBG game. Check out the following article regarding the PUBG Mobile Premium Crate which was reportedly missing below.

Know What is Premium Crate

Premium Crate or Premium Crate is a favorite feature for PUBG Mobile players who don’t have a lot of UC. This is because this Premium Chest can provide legends items for free to its players.

You can open this Premium Crate or Premium Crate by using the Premium Crate Coupon. Meanwhile, to get Premium Crate Coupons, you need to collect Premium Crate Pieces which can be obtained by completing various missions.

Loss of Premium Crate

Bad news had hit PUBG players who often used Premium Crate to get legends items. This is due to the Premium Crate which disappeared from the PUBGM game a few days ago.

The loss of the Premium Crate was even confirmed by the gaming community who couldn’t find the Premium Crate file in the game PUBG. At that time news broke that Premium Chests had been replaced by Custom Chests.

These Custom Chests are similar to Premium Crates, except that you can ban items you don’t want. Even so, these Custom Chests can only be opened using UC, unlike Premium Crates which can be opened for free.

Premium Crate Back?

An official statement has been issued by PUBG Mobile discussing the loss of the Premium Crate. Apparently this Premium Crate will only be absent from the PUBG Mobile game for 19 days.

During the 19 day absence, Premium Create will temporarily be replaced by Custom Chests. After 19 days have passed, you can use the Premium Crate feature again.

That’s the information about the PUBG Premium Crate that we can present right now. Hopefully this article can relieve PUBG players who were disappointed because of the loss of Premium Crate.

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