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The Charge Buster Free Fire (FF) Weapon Finally Gets Nerf, Here's What It Will Happen!

The Charge Buster Free Fire (FF) Weapon Finally Gets Nerf, Here’s What It Will Happen!

Charge Buster is one of the newest Free Fire (FF) weapons that was first introduced on the Advance Server last January, and was released in the OB32 update.

Since then, players have been able to use the Shotgun-type weapon in every game mode in Free Fire.

In fact, the use of weapons has increased rapidly and has become a priority for Free Fire players, especially for playing at close range.

This is of course inseparable from the ability of the Charge Buster weapon which is considered very good overpower in terms of damage and overthrow the opponent with just one shot.

Therefore, many players protested about this which Garena finally listened to and gave him a nerf.

Here are the details regarding the Charge Buster Free Fire (FF) weapon after getting nerfed by Garena on the season reset yesterday!

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Nerf Charge Buster Free Fire (FF) Weapon

Weapon Charge Buster ff nerf

Yep, right with the start of Ranked Season 27 on Friday, April 15, 2022 yesterday, the deadliest Shotgun weapon has officially received a nerf.

That means, the weapon has been reduced in ability at this time. However, you need to know that the official Charge Buster gets nerfed against two important aspects, namely its damage and range.

The following are the details of the two nerfs obtained by Charge Buster:

  • Damage to the body will be reduced by 20%
  • Range when the system Charge is full it will be reduced by 10%

With the reduction as above, it is certain that Charge Buster will not be as terrible as when it was released.

Even so, this is not the end of the Charge Buster weapon. This weapon is still an option that you can use at close range by utilizing the Charge from the weapon which can increase damage and range.

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That’s an explanation of the nerf obtained by one of the deadliest Shotgun weapons in Free Fire lately. Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for more information, and follow the account Instagram and Youtube we.

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