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The best 4 AIM Free Fire apps help Auto Headshot FF

Free Fire is indeed a battle royal game which has been viral lately. Apart from the many players who are already popular and have reached a high rank, it turns out that there is a special technique if you are still a beginner, namely using the AIM Free Fire application. This Free Fire AIM auto application will help your aim be precise and you can get booyah or Auto headshot in Free fire

What is the use of the auto AIM FF application?

This helps so that the shots you aim at the enemy can be right on target and don’t miss. So it’s easier to win the game. In addition you also have to set the sensitivity of FF for your type of phone. Because everyone has different Free Fire sensitivity settings, depending on taste.

4 AIM Free Fire Auto Win Applications

Some of the auto AIM Free Fire applications below are indeed easier to determine the aim so as not to miss when aiming at enemies while walking. If you use the standard from Free Fire, some people are not comfortable.

And the good news is that the AIM FF auto application is already in the playstore, making it easier for you to download the AIM Free Fire application.

1. Custom AIM Crosshair Assistant

aim free fire app

This one application is only 13 MB in size, so it will not burden your phone’s performance. How to use this application is also quite easy. There are many features that you can get if you download the AIM application on Free Fire.

Unlimited crosshair designs – this will give you a design that you can customize according to your taste. Very comfortable indeed if there is this one feature.

Custom according to FPS – with this feature, you can set according to FPS, so it won’t cause lag during the game.

Support all weapons – The most important thing is that it supports all weapons, so when you play free fire using any weapon, this aim free fire application can help you maximize your AIM performance in all weapons.

2. AIM Master – FPS AIM Training

auto aim ff

If you use this AIM FF application, you will be presented with a different convenience than other aim applications.

The size of this application is about 24 MB, very small isn’t it? Will not make your phone slow when playing FF.

For its own features, this application tends to test and practice aiming with FPS that you get from games on your cellphone. This application has been downloaded by more than 500 thousand Android users. This can be seen from the number of downloads in the playstore.

3. Crosshair Pro

auto headshot ff

The red aim free fire application can indeed make your hands better. The shots that will be produced can be more clear and directed to the enemy. This application has been downloaded by 1 million android users.

If you want to be better at playing FF, please just use this application. Crosshair will always be generated for all the weapons you use.

Although from that weapon there is no crosshair by default. this can help you shoot enemies without a scope

NameCrosshair Pro
Minimum Android Version5.0
Number of Installs1 million+
linkDownload Crosshair Pro

4. Crooshair Hero

cheat aim ff

The size is only 3 mb, but the use of this application can be used for all applications, it can even be used as an AIM FF application. The crosshair will still be adjusted to the FPS generated on your phone.

It has been downloaded by 1 million users, so it is feasible to use. The customization options themselves are also complete.

The final word

The AIM ff application is really needed so that the resulting shot doesn’t slide when it’s moving. It’s really felt when you’re shooting the enemy while chasing him. With such an application it is very easy to get a headshot.

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