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The 515 World 2022 Mobile Legends Event is Coming Again

Mobile Legends will continue to provide lots of prizes from new events that are currently appearing. Especially with the 515 MWorld 2022 Mobile Legends (ML) Event Release Date, which is a new event that you shouldn't miss. Because from here MWorld will give you lots of cool prizes, so you won't run out of fun with this existing one.

Especially with the emergence of new events in the game, there will definitely be more and more fun for us to finish now. If you really want to use a variety of gifts, of course, this will be something that is quite profitable for all of us.

Including the emergence of the Mobile Legends x Sanrio Event Calendar, it's even more exciting with several collaboration missions that we can complete. Of course, with an event like this, you can give something cool to players who want to have all the gifts like that.

Then there is the 515 MWorld 2022 Mobile Legends (ML) Event Release Date, a major event that will appear in the game. It's a good event that we like the most at this time because the prizes will be festive.

Release Date Event 515 MWorld 2022 Mobile Legends (ML)

According to our Prediction, the 515 MWorld 2022 Mobile Legends Event Release Date will be April 5, 2022. But this name is also still a prediction and not sure if it's true, but there could be changes to the Date section after you try it.

Because seeing Event 515 MWorld itself seems very interesting, we really don't want to miss the opportunity to play it. That's why for now, some things like Skin Leaks have all appeared quite impressively.

If you look directly at the Release Date of 515 MWorld 2022, this 5th is indeed the opening or the beginning of April 2022. But by the time you enter the middle of the month, you will find lots of cool prizes from here.

Especially with Wanwan Skins, Yin and Ling will be coming soon during the MWorld Event. This skin will be present as a limited event for you to own, so don't be surprised if this event is indeed very special.

Even my Esports has been waiting for this event to appear, MWorld will be exciting and the event will last a long time. Given that events like this do present a variety of impressive new things, of course you will be interested in playing them later.

An event that you must have been waiting for for a long time, Diamond Kuning will reportedly return again at 515 MWorld. So you have to collect as many Yellow Dm as possible, so you can get the opportunity to buy Skins at very cheap prices.

If you already know the 515 MWorld Event Release Date, then prepare yourself to complete the Mission. Because there are a lot of cool prizes from here, even all of them are very new and quite profitable for all of you.

If we take part in this new event now, because there will be a lot of excitement in April. Considering that this event appears in April, it also coincides with the Holy Month of Ramadan so that we can hang out while playing ML.

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After knowing the 515 MWorld 2022 Mobile Legends (ML) Event Release Date, you don't need to be confused anymore with all this. Because the Own date will still be available, so you just have to wait like my Esports said before.

Then you can also see Leaked Skin 515 2022 Mobile Legends , because everything is special for you to get right now. As a cool gift and really has a good appearance, of course you won't want to miss a cool skin like this.

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