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SA, Vice city, V , Chinatown, Liberty city iso

PPSSPP GTA Games Small size – Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is an open world action game that is very successful in the gaming world. If you are a game fan, then I think Grand Theft Auto is no longer a foreign game, right? From the beginning until now rockstar developer has released, at least more than five GTA game series consisting of several types of old video game consoles, to modern consoles.

Several series that have become the flagship of the Grand Theft Auto game are none other than Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, and also GTA V or GTA 5. This is a GTA game series. best of all time the most played in various parts of the world.

In this post, intends to share a review related to the GTA game PPSSPP. On the PlayStation Portable or what we usually call (PSP) there are some of the best GTA game series that you MUST know & play. Anything? If you are curious, then you can immediately see the following review!

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1. Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

gta Chinatown Wars ppsspp

download gta chinatown wars full compressed
Download the latest GTA Chinatown PPSSPP
best gta ppsspp games

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. This GTA game series has previously been very popular, you know. This is a GTA game that we usually encounter on old game consoles such as the Playstation One. The gameplay of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is not perfect, because the GTA PPSSPP Chinatown Wars game tends to present a gameplay point of view that is highlighted from above or a third person.

It looks unsatisfactory, but that’s not a big problem, because Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is also quite fun, and certainly not much different from other GTA PPSSPP game series.

What is the size of the GTA PPSSPP Chinatown Wars game? Because considering the graphics are still classified as 2D, this game also comes with an ISO file size of only about 500 MB.

Meanwhile for the settings PPSSPP emulator for GTA Chinatown Wars you don’t need to think about it, because this game is able to run optimally even though your Android RAM capacity is still below 1GB.

Game download links: Grand Thelf Auto: Chinatown Wars ISO.

2. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

download game Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories iso
gta liberti city ppsspp full compress
best ppsspp games
action open world

GTA Liberty City Stories PPSSPP. It can be said as the latest series of GTA Chinatown Wars. This game, both in terms of gameplay and graphics, is unquestionable. With 3D graphics that are quite good for the PPSSPP game class. Like other GTA games, developers also embed FOLDER The game is quite extensive.

PPSSPP GTA Liberty City Stories game mission? In terms of missions, there seems to be nothing to doubt either. Because basically the GTA game was created with the open world action genre, so! The game remains equally difficult and challenging in terms of missions.

To play this GTA PPSSPP game, you don’t need to be afraid of full storage. Because I will give the download link for the PPSSPP GTA Liberty City game, small / Lite size. only 100mb, even potato HP will play it smoothly. Direct gas download at the following link

Game download links: Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories ISO.

3. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

gta vice city ppsspp
gta vice city android guns
gta android vice city ppsspp
ppsspp iso cso

In addition to some of the GTA games above, Vice City Stories is also a GTA game The best small size PPSSPP, the size is also only 100mb. With a small game size, GTA Vice City Stories still brings pretty perfect graphics and is the best GTA PPSSPP game on this list.

There’s even a 60MB only GTA Vice City Stories tablet. Of course, it is very friendly for your cellphone, especially those with potato specifications.

When compared to the two GTA games above, it seems that Vice City Stories is the best series on the PSP (playstation portable). Even though in general there is not that much difference, for some reasons GTA Vice City Stories is considered to be more chosen by gamers other than GTA San Andreas and GTA 5.

Maybe, the reason is because the graphics that the GTA series brings are much better looking than GTA Chinatown Wars and others. In addition, many GTA game lovers think that Vice City Stories is the best alternative to GTA San Andreas. You must agree, right?

What is the minimum HP specification to play the PPSSPP GTA Vice City Stories game?

If the answer is 512 MB RAM, it may still be considered unrealistic. That’s why it’s highly recommended to have RAM capacity of 1GB or 2GB.

But that doesn’t mean RAM under 1GB can’t play this game. Based on personal experience, the GTA Vice City Stories PPSSPP game can be played on Android phones even with a fairly small RAM of only 512 MB. But of course the resulting FPS will be low and there will be quite a lot of lag.

here is the link for the PPSSPP GTA Vice City Stories lite game, small size only about 100mb. also provides GTA Vice City with a size of 60 MB.

Download the GTA PPSSPP ISO small size game here:

Download the 60MB Version

4. PPSSPP GTA San Andreas Game?

gta sa ppsspp android
gta sa android mod graphics
grand theft auto android san andreas
gta mos drag indonesia bus truck

is there PPSSPP GTA San Andreas game?

This is a question that I often hear every time I talk about PPSSPP games. It must be said, that in reality the GTA San Andreas PSP game is not available.

In general, rockstar developers only release GTA San Andreas on certain PC and video game consoles. However! In 2022, there was news that was enough to make GTA game lovers happy! Exactly, is the news where the developer announced about its release GTA San Andreas Android version.

So, even though it’s not available in PSP version, but you can still play it, namely in the usual way, without the need to use an emulator. To play the GTA San Andreas Android game (APK) you only need to download it via the google play store. Unfortunately, this good news also coincides with bad news. GTA Android can’t be downloaded for free. You have to buy this game on the Google Play Store at a price of Rp. 81,000.

Even though it’s paid, at least the GTA SA Android game is easier to access, compared to the PSP version. Because of what? Because the emulator game must be downloaded separately, which is a useful emulator (functions to run games) and game files that can be likened to the emulator cassette itself.

GTA San Andreas Android version is also very designed similar like the PS2 and PC versions. For those of you who want play GTA San Andreas games on Androidit is highly recommended to have high smartphone specifications, of course with a good processor and large RAM (at least 1GB RAM)

GTA SA Minimum Specifications

  • Android 4.0 and above
  • Minimum RAM 1GB
  • 1.2GHz Quad-Core Processor
  • GPU Adreno / Mali
  • 3GB free memory

Download GTA SA on Android

Now for the GTA SA Android game, I have shared it in a separate article, please scroll to the related article if you are interested in downloading and playing the original version of GTA SA Android or the mod.

5. PPSSPP GTA 5 games?


UPDATE, NOW THERE IS A HOW TO PLAY GTA 5 GAME ON PHONEcheck 2 Ways to Play GTA V on Android, 100% Work

or uu..

Read the article Download 2 GTA SA Lite Android Mod GTA 5

This has always been a question for GTA game lovers. So, is the PPSSPP GTA 5 game available? Until now, rockstar developers still haven’t released GTA on PSP or Android consoles. And generally GTA 5 you will only find on modern consoles like playstation 4 and also PCs.

But keep in mind that GTA 5 is a pretty heavy game. If you want to play the GTA 5 game, then your main requirement is to rely on a gaming PC with high specifications.

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How grateful we are to live in an era like this. GTA was originally a game specifically made for consoles. But with the advancement of technology, now we can play GTA through an android device using the PPSSPP emulator.

That’s the full review of the recommendations for downloading the GTA PPSSPP small ISO game.

All GTA PSP games above are small in size or in other words ISO, so you don’t have to worry about draining a lot of memory capacity. So, hopefully useful.

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