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Reset Win rate? Here are 4 Ways to fix Win Rate Mobile Legend

Win rate is a number that shows the percentage of your winnings playing Mobile Legend. This win rate is quite important because it is a proof that we can be trusted when we want to come out. The display is also okay because it will look like a pro player. that’s why now many want to reset the Mobile legend win rate or reset the statistics

Winrate function in Mobile Legends

win rate will not affect hero damage, meet bots, get easy opponents etc. Win rate is only a percentage number that is in the profile.

However… the real function is, we will be known as pro players if we have a high winrate. For example, there are players A and B with a WR (winrate) of 52% and 86%, respectively. It’s clear that player B looks more like a pro player

How Pro a player is is not only determined by WR, but also stats, battle history, tier etc. so don’t continue to rely on WR

other than that, when we are going to mabar with A / B, of course we will choose mabar with B. Yes, that’s the function of WR, namely to convince a mabar friend who doesn’t know him, so that he wants to settle down with us.

Having a high win rate is a honor and satisfaction separately for this Mobile Legend player. Yes, as I said earlier, Reset Win Rate is what ML players are looking for

reset win rate ml

How to Calculate Mobile Legends Winrate

actually this is not really important, because the winrate has been calculated by the ML itself. But those who don’t know.. please see

The formula for calculating Winrate:

(Number of Wins x 100) : Total matches = win rate

for example, you played 20 times, and won 16 times, lost 4 times. then the calculation is

= (16 x 100) : 20

= 1600 : 20


well then your win rate is 80%

4 Ways to fix Win Rate Mobile Legend

I say again, having a high win rate is a honor and satisfaction separately for ML players. Moreover, the win rate is 80% with epic tier and above, it’s like a global top

to fix Winrate Mobile Legend, basically you have to win more than lose. so the Winrate percentage will slowly go up

Don’t let your winrate be below 50%, that’s bad guys. for that, here’s how to fix the win rate in Mobile Legend

1. Mabar With Friends who are Pro

fix mobile legend win rate

Mabar with your pro friends is one way to get a win so that your WR will go up.

this method is done so as not to meet the NOOB team in Mobile Legend. With friends who are already pros, it is hoped that he can “carry you” to victory as well as to increase your rank.

But remember, when you are 5 mabar, you will meet 5 mabar, so prepare your mental for war. But it’s better than you guys solo, who rely on hockey too

2. Play Classic as much as possible

classic mobile legends

In mobile legends, the matches that are often played are classic and rank. The players also agreed that if they played classic, they would get an easier opponent. I also agree hehe

Well, this is the situation you have to take advantage of. If playing in classic can make you win easily, why don’t you play as much as possible so that your win rate goes up?

You don’t need to hang out with your friends if you play classic, just use your mainstay hero (try the Assassin, MM or Fighter heroes) and win easily. but not forever, you win all the time, once or twice you will lose too

if you win 15 times in a row, chances are you will meet bots in Mobile Legend. but with terms and restrictions that you must obey

3. Using Hero OP

Reset WR ml

Hero who is OP aka Over power will help you master the match, of course, if you already hold the match, yes, the victory will be yours.

OP heroes are usually heroes with high damage. Every season, the sickest and strongest heroes in Mobile Legends sometimes change. Well, how about buffs and nerfs that will change the game’s meta. While your hero is still OP, push your WR to go up. Or you can learn a new OP hero, but be careful you lose

4. Create Account Again

reset win rate

If you are confused and frustrated with your WR that is difficult to raise, maybe creating a new account can be a solution to reset your ML win rate

especially if you are still playing under Epic and the skin is still low, maybe you can leave the account and create a new account so you can reset the win rate.

By creating a new account, of course you will meet easy opponents, well of course you will easily master the game and eventually you will win a lot of matches

That’s how to fix the Mobile Legend winrate. Keep your win rate high because it is an honor and satisfaction for you

good luck

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