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PUBG Worshiping Idols, Features in Jungle Adventure Mode

PUBG Worshiping Idols in Jungle Adventure Mode – PUBG Mobile recently added a mode called Jungle Adventure Mode. several new things have been presented in this mode, for that we will explain in detail what is in this Jungle Adventure mode.

This Jungle Adventure mode can be found in the classic sanhok map. Android and iOS devices can now enjoy the latest updates from the PUBG Mobile game.

However, there are some users who have not been able to enjoy the latest updates made by Tencent Game in the game pubg mobile. that’s because they are gradually updating. so if you are among those who have not received the update, just wait until you receive the update.

PUBG Jungle Adventure Mode
PUBG Jungle Adventure Mode

this time we will discuss Jungle Adventure Mode which is currently viral, especially there are activities Invoke or begged the statues for weapons. In addition, there are two other additional features in this mode, namely the hot air balloon feature and Jungle Fruit. We will discuss these three features below.

Hot Air Balloons Features

in this feature you can take advantage of the hot air balloon to hide, avoid or even attack the enemy. You can enter this hot air balloon, only here you can go up and down, you can’t move it to another location.

Jungle Fruit

There is a fruit that you can eat in jungle adventure mode, namely forest fruit. if you eat this fruit then there are consequences, good and bad results.

It’s good that you can have powers that can be used to find out the location of the airdrop or get additional energy. Worse, you can feel pain and dizziness when eating this fruit. so be careful if you will eat this forest fruit.


well this is the topic being discussed now, the existence of statues or idols in this jungle adventure mode makes people nervous about this pubg mobile game.

Worshiping Idols in PUBG Mobile
Worshiping Idols in PUBG Mobile

because by worshiping this idol you can get weapons. but this is against the Indonesian people, the result is pubg mobile going viral and some even say this game is haram.

This statue is divided into 3 items namely red, green, yellow. The location of this statue is widely distributed on the Sanhook map. Each statue has a different function

Red Statue

The red statue is the symbol of the weapon in this mode. When a player prays in front of a red statue, he will get any random weapon for himself.

Green Statue

The green statue is a symbol of utility and equipment in this fashion. When praying in front of the green statue, players will get utilities such as grenades, Molotov cocktails, and equipment for weapons such as grips, better magazines, and more.

Yellow Statue

The yellow statue in the game is a symbol of protection. This statue will give you a helmet, vest, and all kinds of healing materials like health boosters and first aid kits.

those are some brief reviews about the latest pubg mode, namely jungle adventure pubg mobile mode

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