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Order of the 2022 Zodiac Skin Release Schedule + Savings Tips – Here is the schedule for the latest 2022 skin zodiac along with tips to make the price much cheaper. Save the release date!

Playing Mobile Legends games is not just good at it, there are many things you can show off to other players. Whether it’s a win streak record, indeed MCL, has a good squad, high wr and also status as a sultan.

To become a sultan in this game, you must have a much larger number of skins than the number of existing heroes. You must collect various types of skins, be it basic, elite, special, epic, limited, legends and also zodiac skins.

Skin Zodiac is one of the first event skins made by Mobile Legends. There are approximately 13 heroes who participate in this skin event. Among them are Aurora, Lancelot, Hilda, Minotaur, Selena, Karina, Zhask, Badang, Odette, Lunox, Helcurt, Irithel and Martis.

To collect this zodiac skin, you can use coa or diamond to do gacha. Unfortunately, this event skin only appears once a month. This means that to collect everything, you need a year so that the zodiac skin collection can be complete.

So, here is the schedule for the release of the latest 2022 skin zodiac that you must know. Save the date so you don’t forget it!

2022 Zodiac Skin Schedule

Zodiac SkinsDate
Aurora AquariusJanuary 21, 2022
Lancelot PiscesFebruary 21, 2022
Hilda AriesMarch 21, 2022
Minotaur Taurus21 April 2022
Selena GeminiMay 21, 2022
Karina Gemini7 June 2022
Zhask Cencer21 June 2022
Leo21 July 2022
Odette VirgoAugust 21, 2022
Lunox Libra21 September 2022
Helcurt ScorpioOctober 21, 2022
Irithel SagittariusNovember 21, 2022
Martis CapricornDecember 21, 2022

You can purchase mlbb zodiac skins using diamonds or crystals of aurora. Actually, you need 1000 diamonds or coa to have one zodiac skin. But you can save more if you use the trick below.

Buy Using COA

The Order of the 2022 Zodiac Skin Release Schedule

Purchasing using COA is certainly much cheaper than using ordinary diamonds. If 1000 diamonds cost around 200 thousand, then with 1000 coa you only need 50 thousand rupiah. Much more efficient, even 4 times more efficient than ordinary diamonds.

Routinely Buy Zodiac Skins Every Month

When you have purchased a zodiac skin, it is highly recommended to complete the skin. Because to get 1 zodiac skin, you must fulfill spin points up to 100. When you have 1 zodiac skin, it will reduce the gacha points by 10, meaning that for the second zodiac skin you only need 90 gacha points. This point system continues to decrease if you have a lot of zodiac skins. The more zodiac skins you have, the less COA you need.

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Thus the article regarding the order of release / schedule for the latest 2022 skin zodiac. Hopefully this article helps you to become a sultan by completing your zodiac skin collection this year. Thank you, don’t forget to read other articles about Mobile Legends.

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