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Nostalgic! How to Play PS2 on Android smoothly

Play PS2 on AndroidPlaystation 2 is the most legendary console from Sony. PS2 itself was released in the early 2000s, and to this day many still play PS2. However, not everyone can play PS2 now, because they don’t find a new PS2 console on the market, or they don’t find PS2 rentals. But, actually to play PS2 games directly on the console, you can look for a second PS2.

However, you can try using the device you have for playing. One of them is Android. How to play PS2 on Android is fairly easy, only with an emulator and PS2 ROM files. Although still under development, there are already many PS2 emulators on Android that are able to run PS2 games smoothly.

Damon PS2 Emulator

damon ps2 emulator play ps2

One of the most smoothly running PS2 games on Android is DamonPS2. With this year’s standard Android specifications, you can get 30 FPS when playing PS2 games on Android. Moreover, you can play PS2 offline using this emulator.

DamonPS2 is an Android PS2 emulator that is capable of playing PS2 on Android offline without an internet connection. Unlike the PS3 emulators that have been discussed, where you need a smooth internet connection to play PS3 games on Android.

there are various other advantages if you use Damon PS2, what are they?

The advantages of Damon PS2

  • Can run more than 90% PS2 games. So that you can freely choose which game you like. besides that there are 20% more games that can be really smooth when played with this DamonPS2
  • Damon PS2 provides complete and convenient control. from 2 analog buttons, arrow buttons, square buttons, circular etc., there are even r1, r2, l1, l2 start buttons etc.
  • Nice view. If you open the Damon PS2 application, you will be presented with a very good application screen display, easy to understand, and has complete features.

Even so, Damon PS2 also has some drawbacks that might annoy you while playing games. Among them are

Lack of Damon Ps2

  • there are some graphic bugs in some games
  • sometimes there are application bugs & server errors
  • quite heavy (depending on the PS2 game)

But overall, for those of you who really want to play PS2 games on Android, Damon PS2 is the right choice for you. So next is how to use this application

How to Play PS2 Games on HP

list of smooth ps2 games on android

With Damon PS2, you can play PS2 games on Android. However, before you can play PS2 games on Android, there are several steps you have to do.

Such as the installation of BIOS files and PS2 game ROM files. Well, for that you need to follow these steps

1. Download DamonPS2 Emulator on Android

To download the DamonPS2 emulator on Android, you can download it via the Play Store or browser. Download DamonPS2 on the Play Store you can search with the keyword “DamonPS2” in the Play Store search and download the emulator.

For those of you who download it via a browser, you can download DamonPS2 at the link below

After downloading the DamonPS2 emulator, you can install it like a regular APK file installation. If you download it via the Play Store, DamonPS2 will be automatically installed after the download is complete.

2. Download the Game & Bios

The first step or step that you have to do after downloading and installing the PS2 emulator is to download the PS2 ISO file. For those of you who are confused about where to download ISO or PS2 ROM files, you can read the best PS2 and PSP game download sites.

But for the sake of brevity, I will give a link to the PS2 Bios & PS2 Game which is fun and all you have to do is download it

So, at least you have to download 2 items. ie 1 game and 1 bios. In this article, I give an example of using crazy taxi games (the crazy taxi link is also above)

3. Extract & Install Bios

FirstAfter the PS2 ROM and PS2 Bios files have been downloaded, you can extract the game files first if the files are in archive form, using Zarchiver.

and as a result, the file will be with the extension .iso

Second, If the game has been extracted then you can open DamonPS2. you enter the BIOS menu and you look for the BIOS that you downloaded earlier. If you have met, all you have to do is select it and wait for it to load for a while.

Bios Play PS2 on Android

4. Load & Play PS2 Games

Next, please move on to the menu Games and you are looking for the PS2 ROM file that you downloaded earlier. Then, select the file you want to play the game on.

Play PS2 Games on Android

5. Choose Free Coins

when choosing the game you want to play, there are 3 options to play PS2 games, you just have to choose Free Coins, and wait for the ad for a while.

Play PS2 Games Coins on Android

Congratulations, you can easily play PS2 games on Android offline.

fun isn’t it?


Well, that’s how to download and play PS2 on Android offline with an emulator. Playing PS2 on this cellphone can be your alternative when you want to reminisce about your past games. Moreover, for those of you who used to rent PS very often, you will definitely feel at home.

So, what are your favorite PS2 games? write in the comments

and if there are problems or errors, leave your traces in the comments column too.

That’s all, good luck.

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