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️ [NO ROOT] How to Cheat the Latest Free Fire Game Guardian

One of the things that all Free fire players want is to play easy to get Booyah. one of the easiest but risky ways to play is with the free fire game guardian cheat

one of these free fire cheats is quite a lot sought after by free fire players. but the problem is game guardian itself needs root access.

but in our discussion this time I will share game guardian No Root

Keep in mind that all risks of being banned and sins are the responsibility of all of you

What is Game Guardian?

Game guardian is a cheat application that can be used for various games. Now, one of the games that can be played with game guardian cheats is Free fire

The form of the Game guardian cheat in free fire is like a list, so in the game guardian there are lots of cheat options that you can use

  • Aim Bot
  • Night Mode
  • Antenna
  • Fast Medkit
  • Free Amo
  • Auto Headshot
  • camera view
  • etc

Cheat Game guardian Free Fire Anti banned?

it’s called a cheat, yes we can’t guarantee the security of your account. What is certain is that this article is only for sharing and for fun

as for the risk of being permanently banned until a banned device is your responsibility.

If you’ve been banned, even if you want to unban the FF account, it will also be difficult to return because Garena is firm about this

How to Cheat Game Guardian Free Fire

So, go to the steps. so I will include the text and the video so that if you don’t understand, you can immediately check the video

before that you have to download the ingredients first

now, if you have downloaded it, now follow the following free fire game guardian cheat method

  1. Open octopus
  2. Then you press plus
  3. then add game guardianya, for the apk name GG MODZ MAMBO
  4. click Game guardian which was added earlier
  5. Click startit will appear like a small popup on the side of the screen
  6. then click free fire games in Octopus
  7. click ignore if there is a notification from the play store
  8. Then wait loading
  9. So choose the process free fire [349mb]
  10. then click button play on the right of your screen
  11. Click icon point 3
  12. Go to folder download
  13. then select script simple Deadly
  14. click operate
  15. then you click OK and you can choose which cheat you will activate

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if you don’t understand and want to know what features are in this Game guardian cheat, you can check this video

so that’s how to cheat ff game guardian without root that you can do

My advice, use this cheat for fun and to feel how the cheat is. don’t use it to rank ya

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