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Newest Genshin Impact Cheat 2022 [Primogems, Game Guardian dll]

By using the Genshin Impact cheat, all the gameplay in it can be very easily overcome. For example, run faster, and the damage to the character you use can be even greater if it hits the enemy.

Genshin Impact can indeed be run on many platforms both android, IOS and windows. It can even be played on Playstation 4. However, there are still many who don’t know how to cheat on Genshin Impact on Android. Even though it only takes a few applications and scripts.

There are also versions that have been modified from the application itself, for example the Genshin Impact mod where game data has also been tweaked to make it immune and have higher damage.

a few tips for playing genshin impact:

7 Cheats Genshin Impact

There are several types of Genshin Impact android cheats. here are some types of genshin impact mobile cheats

1. Genshin Impact Data Edit Script

Genshin Impact Data Edit Script

There are many scripts that you can use to cheat this RPG game. The type that uses this script can be done on Android that is already rooted or not. The script will usually be injected or combined directly with OBB data from the Genshin Impact game itself.

This can be tricked by finding which data is directly related to the characters in the game.

The danger of using this script is if the data from the Genshin Impact game is updated in the application store.

If you update the game, the Genshin Impact cheat that you installed will disappear, if you don’t update it, sometimes it can often lag and can’t be used.

2. Game Guardian Cheats

Cheat Game Guardian genshin impact

Game Guardian it has been a cheat application for a long time, this application can be used on all android phones. To cheat Genshin Impact with this application, you should root your Android first. If not rooted, you should use virtual android.

Using this Guardian game is indeed very easy, moreover the results are also very capable. The Game Guardian application is also very small in size and only less than 20 MB. Of course this will not burden the performance of your phone.

The advantage of Game Guardian is that if you install it on your Android, this application will change its name randomly so that it will not be detected by games and other applications if it injects and enters to retrieve the data.

3. Genshin Impact MOD APK

Genshin Impact MOD APK

The name of the mod application, the application must have been modified in such a way that the application from the Genshin Impact game is ready to be used without any settings. The rest is just your ability in the game that can determine the outcome of the game.

However, finding genshin impact mod apk will be very difficult, considering Mohoyo’s system is quite strict and it is not possible to mod apk

4. Cheat Primogems Genshin Impact

Primogems Genshin Impact Cheats

This RPG game from Mihoyo is indeed more popular lately, but to play it, an item is needed to be able to fight with enemies. The most exciting Genshin Impact cheat is about these promogems.

Related items with overpowered damage can determine your victory in this game. The cheat usually refers to the reedem code that will be needed, usually it will be released and exchanged on the official website for the Genshin Impact redeem code.

Although there are several applications that have been modded and can provide more overpowered items.

5. Virtual Parallel Space Cheats

parallel space genshin impact cheat

parallel space this is a virtual one that you can use as an installation of genshin impact and all the cheat scripts, so you don’t need to root your android. But if you use this alternative, your internal memory must be large.

Otherwise, it will only lag and can actually burden your phone’s performance. For tips, you should just copy the game data that is in the internal memory into the parallel space internal memory. This is so that the game does not re-download its data while it is being opened.

6. VMOS cheats

primogems genshin impact mobile cheats

VMOS this is still the same as number five, but only the type of virtual space is different. And to use VMOS is also easier. The android version in it is indeed very recent and light enough to run various android applications.

The advantage of VMOS is that it is bigger in size, not like parallel space. For parallel space, only the application will be assumed to be cloned, but if VMOS is a virtual android whose size can be up to 800 MB.

It is highly recommended if you use 4 GB of RAM and the ROM is 64 GB or higher. Because the virtual space itself is already large, coupled with RPG games whose size is up to several GB as well.

7. Cheat Script Genshin Impact

wish genshin impact cooldown damage cheat

Instead of using virtual or other space. You can root to make it easier to cheat Genshin Impact. The reason is that with the door, entering rooting, you can find out various innards of an android system.

You can edit game data, inject scripts and much more. Of course, the material needed is a genshin impact cheat script. There are several script options that you can choose according to your needs

The final word

This article is educational in nature to describe the types of cheats that have ever existed in Genshin Impact. I don’t invite you to cheat on Genshin Impact because it’s illegal

This Genshin Impact cheat has been around for a long time and has been proven to be able to change data from the Genshin Impact game. You can even increase the damage up to over power both from items and from the innate skills of the character you are playing.

But you should use a type of cellphone that has 4 ram and 64 rom to make cheating easier.

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