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New Trick!! 4 Ways to GB Rank the Latest Mobile Legends Auto win

4 Ways to GB Rank Mobile Legends– Tired of meeting a kid, right? Hehehe. Every time a child is born, they want to be angry and cry all the time 😂😂 There’s been a lot of talk, feeders, forest guards, making you lose too. Well yesterday, we discussed GB MMR Hero in Mobile Legends, for now, let’s talk about GB Rank in Mobile legends

What is GB rank Mobile Legends?

So, what is GB in ML? so in terms, GB does not necessarily mean. But in a sense, basically GB is a trick so that we get as much profit as possible, through a slightly fraudulent way.

So GB rank is We play marathon rankings, so we can increase our ML account Rank/tier as high as possible in a somewhat fraudulent way.

So it can be said that GB Rank is the same as Push rank, but push rank is a bit fraudulent. what does push rank mean? Almost like GB Rank, Push rank means that we play ranked in a marathon/continuous way so that our rank goes up as high as possible.

Is GB rank in ML a cheat rank? I think so, but a light-level ML rank cheat. So the possibility of getting banned from Moonton is very small, even without risk. So, how do you do GB rank in Mobile legend?

4 Ways to GB Rank the Latest Mobile Legends

This article is educational only. All risks of being banned, sin etc. are the responsibility of each of you

On other websites, there is only 1 way. Ok, in terms of technology, I give you 3 ways at once. You can choose how, you can do all three. You guys can push rank up to mythic. But don’t let you become a top global rank in these 2 ways, because you will be bullied by everyone.

For now, I think the best way is No. 3

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1. Using a VPN (Change server)

gb rank with vpn

What is a VPN? meaning of VPN that is virtual private network. In Mobile legend, VPN is a powerful weapon in order to increase mmr and rank. Players who have successfully used a VPN, for example, are xSanz, which became the top 1 fanny (when this article was written) because they used a VPN with the aim of serving India.

So we will use VPN to move servers to other countries. Now the country we are targeting to move servers is a country where the average player is Noob. For example, India and Japan.

So, can we change the flag?

So when we change the flag, the server doesn’t change. If you want to change to any country’s flag, the server will still be Indonesian, and the team/opponent will also be from Indonesia, although there are some from outside. But the point is, changing the flag will not change the server.

When we want to change the server (country), try to choose a country that contains all noob players. I really recommend Maldives, Sri Lanka etc. So, how do you use a VPN to change the server?

  1. Download Hello VPN
  2. This as an example, I use maldives. The trick, click the Indonesian flag in the upper left corner > select Maldives
  3. Click the mobile legends app
  4. then click start
  5. Done, you will automatically enter the Maldives server

Not really understand? See more at How to Play MOBILE LEGEND with a Complete VPN

Attention, most of the time when you use a VPN you will feel lag, so please also read VPN Makes Lag? Here are 3 Effective Ways to Overcome VPN Mobile legends Lag

The benefit of using a VPN is that we can get Bot opponents. It means that the opponent is really noob, so we will master the game and easily win the match. If you still don’t understand, here I am making an article about how to play ML with a VPN in full.

2. With a Sacrificial Account

gb mobile legends with victimized account

This GB rank method uses a sacrificial account. This method is very effective and if the main account and the victim account meet, then 99% VICTORY IS IN YOUR HANDS

GB Rank Preparation with a Sacrificial Account

  • prepare 5-10 HP (can GB together with friends)
  • then we prepare 3 or 5 main accounts that we want to rank up
  • Then also prepare 2,3 or 5 sacrificial accounts

How to GB Rank Mobile Legends with a Sacrifice Account

  1. Create 2 rooms (one room for the main account, and one room for the victim account)
  2. Make sure the Main account & the Victim account are the same. For example, the main account, then the victim’s account too
  3. after that, press “match/start” together
  4. make sure the main account with the victim’s account meet by looking at the player icon
  5. Now, when we find the victim’s account, we let AFK, then we play with the main account.

3. Combination of GB RANK method 1 and 2

gb ml victimized account and vpn

this method is a way with a 100% chance of winning and this method is not too troublesome when compared to the second GB Rank Mobile legends method above

What to prepare?

  1. a cellphone and a laptop
  2. The account that will be ranked in GB

How to GB rank Mobile legends

  1. Make 5 emulators on that 1 laptop (Emulator suggestion: NOX), while installing the Mobile Legends and VPN applications
  2. open the account on the cellphone and 5 accounts on the laptop
  3. the 6 accounts are connected to the same country. For example, the Maldives (choose a country close to Indonesia & rarely have ML players)
  4. Make 2 rooms
  5. Room 1 contains = 1 main account, 2 sacrificial accounts on the laptop
  6. Room 2 contains = 3 sacrificial accounts on the laptop
  7. If you have, click start / match simultaneously (conditions 3 vs 3)
  8. Since it uses a VPN and uses a small country server, the chances of the accounts colliding with each other are greater
  9. if you have met, leave the victim’s account afk / the way is unclear
  10. you just play MAIN ACCOUNT

in this third way, the chance of winning is very high even auto win

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4. GB Rank With Cheats / scripts

mobile legends cheat script

Every game with high popularity, there are always people who are good at finding system loopholes, then enter a script / change in such a way that the game becomes easier

nahhh it’s called a cheat / script. yeah the goal is to get what we want in a game in a cheating way

in this Mobile legends game there are lots of scripts and cheats that will help you GB rank

the following scripts & cheats

  • 1 Hit dead enemy cheat
  • Cheat unlimited Health & mana
  • Cheat Map Hack
  • Cheat Boost Ranked
  • Cheat Anti falling star
  • Auto bot script

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The final word

So that’s how GB rank in mobile legends. I emphasize that it is better for you to use a legal and safe method. I once again don’t bear the ban & sin if you use the methods above

take positive values ​​& information only

May be useful, Share yaa😊😊

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