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Mobile Legend Cheats Make Enemies Lag Easily 2022

Have you ever when playing Ranked Match suddenly red ping, lag, broken and can’t be moved? Maybe it’s a sign that you’re fighting an enemy who uses the following Cheat Mobile Legend Makes the following Lag Muses.

Making the Enemy Lag in Mobile Legend is indeed one of the cheat ways, how can you not, when you play calmly and peacefully, you are suddenly forced to AFK, can’t be moved, and so on. How is it not cheating right?

This can also make your enemies auto win, and your team will fall apart. Yes, how can it not be messy, everything suddenly lags and doesn’t play like that? like an opponent, right?

You wanna try too? Well you can but I don’t recommend it, at least it’s fair to play, and don’t rely on it okay!. Actually what are the benefits of using this cheat?

Benefits and Goals of Using Auto Lag Cheats

The benefits of using the Cheat to Make Enemies lag are many, but one thing for sure is to win the game. Yes, even if it’s by cheating, but do you want to win?

By using this cheat you can easily win the game. Yes, how not to make the game one-sided and the enemy will be confused and even AFK, so it will be easy for you to win right?

Well okay, now we will continue to how. Please read and follow the steps below.

Attention! This article aims for education and knowledge for you. If you practice it, the risk of being banned, sin, etc. is your responsibility

Mobile Legend Cheats Make Enemies Lag

This cheat is also usually searched for with keywords, mobile legend cheats, auto win mobile legend cheats, mobile legend lag scripts, latest legend mobile signal cheats, mobile legend connection cheats, cheats to overcome mobile legend lag, how to turn off connections against mobile legends. But whatever keywords you enter, the goal is one, namely Cheat Auto Lag.

Lag in Mobile Legend is usually caused by a bad server or maintenance is being carried out for updates, or it can also be caused by this cheat as well.

But it must be underlined that the use of this cheat can make your game cycle no longer exciting, let alone challenging because you can beat your enemies and win the game.

But yeah, if you want to use it, that’s fine. Well, here I will explain how to Cheat Mobile Legend Enemy Lag

How to Install the Auto Lag Cheat

The first way you have to do is to prepare the following ingredients in advance. Please download on the link provided.

Please download and install the RAR application first.

Note: If you experience a broken download link, please let me know in the comments column. Thank you.


1. First download the two materials above that have been provided. Then install RAR on your smartphone.

2. Next, please extract the file “premium auto lage enemy” by using RAR which you have installed earlier.

3. After that, please move the file “MobaLogicAdroidRes.unity3d” into folder Internal/Android/Data/

4. Done, easy right? now you have successfully installed Cheat Auto Lag in Mobile Legends.

Now the next step, please do a test and play your Mobile Legends. Have a nice play.

The installation process of this cheat is very easy, right? Please play wisely

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Installation of this cheat is solely for sharing, if there are other problems that can cause your Mobile Legends account to be banned, it is borne by each and we are not responsible for it.

In addition, we also do not recommend you to use this cheat, so it would be nice for you to play fair without using cheats like this.

In addition, playing using cheats will not increase your playing skills. But whatever it is, hopefully it depends on each one, and it’s legal to use this cheat too.

The final word

Well that’s it Mobile Legend Cheats Make Enemies Lag which you can practice. Use wisely and hopefully useful. Look forward to other interesting articles about Mobile Legend, or you can visit the Mobile Legends category here.

Don’t forget to leave a comment in the comments, hopefully it’s useful and see you soon!

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