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List Of Best Hero Counter Xavier Mobile Legends

Xavier is the latest Mobile Legends hero with the Mage type that relies on burst damage attacks. As the newest Mage hero , Xavier can produce great damage since entering the early game phase. So that Xavier can easily finish off opponents when entering the early game phase.

Xavier is also one of the Mage heroes who has the farthest skill range. Because, Xavier has the ultimate skill ability ( Dawning Light ) that can deal great damage to opponents with a long-range, even reaching the end of the Land of Down Map.

Well, on this occasion we want to tell you some of the best heroes to counter Xavier in Mobile Legends. Want to know what is the list of the best counter Xavier heroes? Come on, just take a look at the following article reviews.

5 Best Hero Counter Xavier Mobile Legends

1. Saber

The first hero you can use to counter Xavier is Saber. As an Assassin hero , Saber can lock Xavier's movements with his ultimate skill ability ( Triple Sweep ) which can cause Airborne effects to Xavier for 1.2 seconds and can also inflict enormous damage .

If you manage to lock Xavier's movement by using Saber's ultimate skill , then you can finish Xavier in a matter of seconds, because the damage that Saber gives to Xavier is enormous.

2. Chou

Apart from using Saber, you can also counter Xavier by using Chou. Hero Chou has the ultimate skill ability ( The Way of Dragon ) which can kick to cause a Knockback effect on Xavier for a few seconds.

Besides being able to cause a Knockback effect , Chuo can also do great damage to Xavier, even Chou can kill Xavier with just one Combo Skill during a 1vs1 duel.

3. Yve

The next hero to counter Xavier is Yve. As a sick Mage hero , Yve is able to provide a very wide area attack and can also cause a very annoying Crowd Control (CC) effect for his one-lane opponent. No wonder, if Yve can kill the opponent with a safe distance.

You can activate this ability through Yve's ultimate ( Real World Manipulation ) skill which can create a Starfield for 15 seconds to continuously inflict Magic damage on Xavier, causing an Immobilize effect to the opposing team.

4. Ling

The next hero to counter Xavier is Ling who is famous for his mobility abilities. Ling is able to reach opponents who are in the back row, especially Marksman and Mage heroes. So that Ling can kidnap Xavier very easily.

Although Ling can produce enormous damage , Ling is one of the Assassin heroes that is difficult for novice players to master. So you need to have special skills in using Ling.

5. Yin

The last hero you can use to counter Xavier is Yin. You can rely on Yin's ultimate skill ( My Turn ) in dueling. Yin can kidnap Xavier, send them to Yin's domain and force Xavier's users to duel 1 vs 1 until one of the heroes is eliminated. In addition to having a very lethal ultimate

skill ability, Yin can also inflict great damage to Xavier and has good Crowd Control ability to lock Xavier's movements. Well, those are some of the best heroes you can use to counter Xavier. May be useful! 


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